Monday, 6 May 2013

Every little helps

The A9 is one of Scotland's main roads - the longest trunk road, and with the dubious distinction of being the most dangerous.  It runs from Polmont in the south through the Central Highlands to Inverness, and on up the long coastline to Thurso at the northern tip of Scotland.  The danger lies in the fact that although it carries heavy traffic, only short stretches are dualled.  For the rest of the way, it's a case of seizing the chance to overtake lorries, slow-moving cars, and in summer especially, caravans.  Too often that chance is ill-judged, leading to serious and sometimes fatal collisions.

The Scottish Government plans to dual the whole stretch of road between Perth and Inverness by 2025, with work getting underway in 2017.  On the map below, existing dual carriageway is shown in blue.  Basically, not a lot.

 Click for larger image
So with a long time to wait until 2025, it was wonderful as we drove north recently to see a freight train taking several lorry loads off the road.  Catchy slogan, isn't it?  'Less CO 2'...Lessco...Tesco...  Even if you disagree with what is known as the 'Tesco-ification' of Britain, it's positive move.  

Incidentally, on googling Tesco-ification, I came up with 25,100 results which covered in the first page architecture, the British Comedy Forums, 'A History of 20th Century Britain' by Andrew Marr, local council planning applications, and the headline 'Tesco boss slates schools'. 


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