Wednesday, 18 July 2012

St Andrews jewels

It's raining stair rods again today (after 2 dry days!) but I thought we'd all had enough of rainy photos.  So from a recent dry day my daughter and I spent in St Andrews - although such are the micro climates of Scotland that it was raining in Edinburgh - here's some colour and summer fun.

St Andrews is like a jewel box: there are small delights to be uncovered at every turn.  They don't hit you in the face as Edinburgh's do.  This is rather restful when you're used to things like a whopping big castle on a rock.   Above, a display of traditional seaside accoutrements outside an ironmongers shop.  There must be slim profits this summer for makers and sellers of shrimp nets and whirly windmills to stick onto sandcastle turrets.

Below, a little gem of a window.

Of course I had to get closer to see what the little models were.  Perhaps a leftover from the Jubilee celebrations?

And even closer, to see Mrs Queen.  By this time the sound of daughterly eye-rolling behind me was deafening...

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Of rain and refugees

The rain continues.  Rain and chilly temperatures of 11/12/13 degrees.  The shot above was taken at 6.30 in the evening.  

Meantime, outdoor events go ahead for the most part.  Scotland's major outdoor rock festival, T in the Park, took place at the weekend.   Mud has come to be a standard part of UK festivals, but even so the conditions this year must have been miserable - or am I just old?  It's a peculiar trait of the UK psyche that camping is equated with enjoyment.  There's a huge range of camping styles available at T in the Park, from ordinary tents through to luxury yurts and pods.  But add constant rain and even your yurt will suffer.

At Edinburgh's Waverley station on Monday morning the refugees from T in the Park were everywhere.  It was one of those times when I felt I could only take surreptitious photos, so the quality of the shots is a bit grainy through being taken at a distance.  But you'll get the idea of general mud.

Below - complete, muddy festival exhaustion.

Two girls in standard festival uniform of micro shorts and wellies.  And mud.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Edinburgh's Olympic rings

Just to prove that Edinburgh castle is still there, despite its disappearing act in my last post, here's a topical glimpse from one of our very few sunny days.  20 June to be precise.  

I have to admit that I'm not really feeling the Olympic excitement.  Ours is not a household that takes notice of big sporting events, apart perhaps of Scotland losing at rugby.  My lack of interest has nothing to do with the Olympics being in London rather than in Scotland - in fact I'm very glad they're there and not here.  I'm much more of a Winter Olympics lass - give me an afternoon of watching the Norwegian cross-country biathlon team and I'm happy.  I dare say however that we will all be pulled in, inexorably, by the time of the opening ceremony.



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