Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Five sisters and three brothers

Photos courtesy of my daughter, from her university hillwalking club trip to the Five Sisters of Kintail on the west coast.  The trip also took in the hills known as the 'three brothers'.

A head for heights is needed to walk along these knife-like ridges, especially in swirling cloud.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

The year turns

Christmas is being set up in Princes Street Gardens.  The first arrival in the week after Remembrance Day is always the big wheel, seen above half completed.  In the middle of the shot, if you can see it for the raindrops and what I now realise is a very grubby camera lens, is the dark bulk of the Scott Monument.  The gardens themselves and the monument form a dark oasis in the centre of the city.  I like it that the monument isn't illuminated, contrary to the fashion for lighting up trees, buildings and, in some places in Scotland, random bits of rock face.

The glow of the moon and the construction lights  in the shot above is added to by the illluminated facade of the Lloyds Banking Group headquarters.  Money v. Art?

Below, by Saturday the little cabins are being fixed to the wheel.  Every Princes Street photo now has the new feature of overhead tram cables.  No trams yet, but we have the cables and the rails. 

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Blue and gold

A day which started with thick freezing fog cleared to sun and brilliant blue and gold.  Above, a fishing hut on the banks of the Spey, under the shoulder of Ben Aigen. 

The birches are at the height of their autumn colour.  After these frosts the next gales will strip their leaves.

Even the grey days of November have fleeting moments where the gold sings out, in the larches on the hillside and the contrast of leaves and grey slate.

Thank you for all the good wishes for my father.  He is improving slowly, and is now out of hospital.


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