Sunday, 11 October 2015

Appreciating Edinburgh: shop windows

 Not whopping plate glass windows, with teams of professional window-dressers working to a corporate brief, but the windows of small independent shops which are fun and clever and artistic and enticing.  As part of my personal attempt to 'appreciate Edinburgh' after a long time as a reluctant city-dweller, here's a window from Concrete Wardrobe earlier this summer.  Concrete Wardrobe specialises in Scottish design-led craft, and often has fun with it in their window display.  This is 'I am the Passenger' by Charlotte Duffy.  All of her work is made from discarded cardboard.  You might think that she had honed her skills in art college, but she studied Philosophy at the University of St Andrews.

In this work Duffy was aiming to represent "the moments of fellow travellers waking from dropping off, panicking over missed stops, moments of awkwardness when being in close physical proximity to strangers and the knowing glances between passengers when someone is talking loudly on a phone".  And the bizarre world of train on-board catering.

Find more about Charlotte Duffy at her website, Waste of Paint Productions (well worth a read), and check the Concrete Wardrobe site for the latest designers featured.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Skywatch Friday - a batch of skies

Bus stop with sunrise

Lately with the shortening days I've seen a lot of sunrises on my way into work.  All the photos in this post have popped up on my Instagram (@occasionalscotland), which I continue to enjoy in my time-strapped state.  While I've been too exhausted in the evenings to open up my laptop, a 2 minute Instagram is just about do-able. 
Westering moon, early morning

Con trail noughts and crosses

Colour block sunrise

Winter clouds boiling up over the North Sea
 I'm not sure why Edinburgh appears to be gently leaning to the right in the shot above.  Perhaps it's the phone camera effect. 

The joy of clouds
More skies from across the world are at Skywatch Friday.  Lots of great photos of the 'super moon' there at the moment.


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