Skywatch Friday - a batch of skies

Bus stop with sunrise

Lately with the shortening days I've seen a lot of sunrises on my way into work.  All the photos in this post have popped up on my Instagram (@occasionalscotland), which I continue to enjoy in my time-strapped state.  While I've been too exhausted in the evenings to open up my laptop, a 2 minute Instagram is just about do-able. 
Westering moon, early morning

Con trail noughts and crosses

Colour block sunrise

Winter clouds boiling up over the North Sea
 I'm not sure why Edinburgh appears to be gently leaning to the right in the shot above.  Perhaps it's the phone camera effect. 

The joy of clouds
More skies from across the world are at Skywatch Friday.  Lots of great photos of the 'super moon' there at the moment.


  1. Nice sky pics! I especially like the sunrises and sunsets.

  2. I just love all your Edinburgh photo's, it gives me my Edinburgh 'fix' . Even though I am only in Glasgow, it is hard to get through on a regular basis with school, work and family commitments. X

  3. Such lovely skies you have had on your walks to work! It's hard to pick a favourite!

  4. Great Scottish skies - that first one is really exquisite.

  5. They are all beautiful shots. You live in an amazing country with a lot of history. Our history over here is so young.


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