Some random castle

...somewhere in Lochaber. My daughter took this shot of a 'random' castle on a school sea kayaking trip a few weeks ago off the coast of Lochaber, on the west coast of Scotland. She had a waterproof, disposable camera, but was disappointed with the quality of the photos. The best shot was actually one taken underwater. Which I suppose is what waterproof cameras are for.


  1. You and I live in such different parts of the world. I really do live on the prairie like in the Little House on the Prairie books, just a hundred years later. I love all castles and especially all of your old buildings. Your history is everywhere abd I really like seeing your side of the world today.

  2. Hee hee! Can't say I've ever kayaked around "some random" castle before. Glaciers, dolphins, whales and seals. But a castle's a new one for me!

  3. Linda,

    It must be amazing to live in a place where castles appear at random!

    I flew over your house on my way to Hamburg, but alas the pictures were rather grainy.


  4. There is so many castles that you don´t even know their names? You are so spoiled with castles. We have about 5 castles in the whole country.


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