Skywatch Friday - the naming of clouds

Hmm, I think I've set myself an Advanced Higher* cloud question here, rather than a Higher* or an Intermediate 2 *. But 'The Cloudspotter's Guide' in hand, here goes.

Working from bottom left, there's a little edge of cirrocumulus, giving way to altocumulus opacus. Possibly. Moving up the left of the shot, I'm still confused. Is it cirrocumulus or altocumulus stratiformis? Apparently I should have held my hand up against the clouds to see whether the cloudlets were less than the width of one finger, at arm's length.

Then the big feathery bit in the middle is cirrus, possibly cirrus fibratus.

The big swathe after the feather, sorry, cirrus, is mostly altocumulus floccus.

At the extrememe top right there's a patch of cirrus.

I think I may have scraped an Int 2 pass. Some more homework needed!

More clouds, named or not, are at Skywatch Friday.

*To be explained in tomorrow's post.


  1. Beautiful Linda, no matter what you call them!!!

  2. Thanks for the education. I think it's wonderful that you caught so many different kind of clouds in a single photo.
    Thanks for visiting my site.

  3. Love your sky, and love learning about the official cloud names with you! For me, "feather" will do for most purposes, but thanks for the lesson.

  4. Whatever they are - they are wonderful! Greetings from Luzia.

  5. What a beautiful cloud and I am so impressed with all your cumulus knowledge.
    What a pity you didn't get that sunset. I almost missed it too - my dad phoned up to ask if I had seen the sky, but I was so busy in the kitchen that I hadn't even noticed!

  6. Well, you lost me with the names (I've never been great at those), but I enjoyed viewing this photo with all the different clouds.

  7. Cirriusly, cumulatively lovely sky. I hear you about using guides...very humorous.

  8. I have a blog just on clouds. I like them also. No two pictures are ever the same.


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