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Joining in the Seven Days theme at The Barefoot Crofter and starting with a Sunday visit to John Lewis in search of a new sofa. While we were there I noted this comfy tartan chair for our 'when we move to Speyside' furniture list. It's hard to remember now that shops in Scotland used to be closed on a Sunday. Very convenient for those of us who work all week, but it's certainly not a day of rest.

Above, feelings are running high as flood prevention work continues along the Water of Leith. I'll post more about this shortly, but for the moment here's the scene from the bridge at Canonmills.

Below, a new stretch of walkway/cyclepath in the direction of the sea, captured on my walk home from work. A branch route from the main path, deserted on a rainy evening.

Staying with the cycling theme, but with a change of country mid-week with a visit to Antwerp for a conference. Below, a typical Belgian bicycle outside a university building in Antwerp, complete with the floral touches favoured by students there.

Depressingly for those of us from Edinburgh where the saga of the non-appearance of our trams continues, Antwerp's trams run in even the narrowest of streets. They also seem to enjoy the sport of cyclist-chasing.

Below, a couple of enticing restaurants in Antwerp, and a lovely street drain cover in Brussels.

A fire hydrant for my collection:

Below, Antwerp's new 'museum on the river', the Museum aan de Stroom. Fantastic views from the top, of which more later.

Saturday night and waffles, ice cream and chocolate sauce looking out over the Grote Markt/Grand Place in Brussels, with the intricate spire of the town hall rising into the darkness. Brussels is officially bi-lingual in Flemish and French. After being in Flemish-speaking Antwerp for a few days it came as a shock to the ear to step off the train and immediately be surrounded by French.

Sunday afternoon - Edinburgh airport and thinking longingly of a very strong cup of Scottish tea.
And of course seeing my family.


  1. Cutting down trees actually increases the risk of landslides and erosion when flooding occurs as the tree roots are what hold soil together! It's horrible that they cut all those trees down :o(

  2. Welcome back. Now you'll have to make do with the German market and the French/Italian markets...

  3. I kind of liked it when things were closed on Sunday and we actually did have a day of rest.

    Cute fire hydrant for your collection!

  4. I always enjoy a glimpse into your life!!

  5. Quite the busy week! it's an interesting concept but some of my 7 days would be sooo boring.

  6. Beautifully photographed and written! I found your blog from Arctic Mum's. I had to laugh at your tram comment; I was recently in Den Haag and amazed and somewhat horrified at the trams coursing through the narrow streets thronged with pedestrians, bicyclists, toddling children and clueless tourists like me. If it were not for my acclimated guide I would have been history.

  7. Popping over to Antwerp is one way to see a tram running and, as you've noticed, it does have the added benefit of remimding you that you can get a good cup of tea in Edinburgh.

  8. Lovely getting a peek at your week. I can't believe they've cut down those threes, we use to live in the colonies.

    Nice pics! (and fire hydrant, and chair)

  9. Nice to see those flowers on the bicycle. Such a sweet touch.

  10. Hi Linda,

    How nice to hear from you! I have Scottish family myself, and there are some beautiful images here, so I'll be keeping up with you too.


  11. You certainly have a busy life!

  12. I do feel bad for the tress....hopefully the new project will be WELL thought out and leave room for new plantings!?!

  13. Wow, what a week! Yes, the whole tram saga in Edinburgh seems hugely frustrating. How interesting to see Antwerp through your lens. (Thanks also for your very encouraging comment.) I'm sure that cup of tea was particularly delicious!

  14. It's probably been almost 40 years since I was in Antwerp, I'm sure it's changed a lot. Nice shots!

  15. Oh my, I do hate to see anyone cut down trees and I'm sure it isn't to your liking at all.

    You must have enjoyed your trip to Antwerp. I loved the pictures you took there. I think that trams, besides being very functional are very interesting to see. Don't you have them in Scotland where you live? I haven't seen one in a very long time.

    No matter how fun or interesting a place is, there is nothing like coming home. I know you enjoyed your tea, as for me I always enjoy sleeping in my own bed.

  16. Hi ! I'm back :)
    Very nice photos ;)

  17. What a week. You'll have earned your tea, as they almost say in Embra!

  18. Hi - slow internet problems so only catching up. Thanks for joining in this week, i know you are very busy. It is interesting how different our days are right enough. shopping on a Sunday is no longer an option for us - and i am quite glad.
    I remember when they cut down a beautiful sweep of beech trees for the new railway line - it was devastating. Hope you enjoyed having a nice sit down and relax with a cup of tea. xxx

  19. Dear All, thank you for the comments. I do appreciate them. I'd hoped to have more time for replying individually, but my busy-busy period has continued.

    On the subject of Edinburgh's trams: we don't have them - yet. They're the subject of long-running roadworks, and the scope of their routes shrinks as we watch, as the costs escalate and legal battles continue between the contractors and the city council. A sorry saga indeed.

  20. My fiance and I are having serious conversations about moving abroad (preferably Scotland) for teaching next year. Just wanted to let you know that I thought of you. It'd be so cool to meet you in 'real life' one day!

  21. I really enjoyed you taking us along on your visit. The museum is an interesting building. I could feel the cold all the way back here. We are very cold today here in Iowa.

  22. I see by a search in Google Maps that there are 645 miles between Edinburgh and Antwerp. How nice to be relatively close to places where other languages are spoken. Of course, we could drive for under an hour and be in Mexico, but things are too dangerous there right now. Otherwise, we drive thousands of miles and find ourselves still hearing American English, although with another accent.

    Love the Belgian street scenes. Thank you for putting together this fine post.

  23. Linda, hi
    Welcome to my blog and many thanks for your visit and so kind comment!
    Your photos and informations of Antwerp, are wonderful!!!
    And i like so much the chair!!!
    I have a tranlator for you on my blog.
    You are allready in my favotites blogs.
    Many greetings from Greece

  24. Great sights from Antwerp. I enjoyed my stay there.


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