Skywatch Friday - landscapes in the sky

Massing grey clouds form a landscape in the sky behind Calton Hill.

More skies around the world are at Skywatch Friday.


  1. Amazing! Sometimes in Aberdeen, in the winter, we see big white lumps of clouds off to the East / Southeast. I heard once on the news that they often come during cold weather, and that they have a local name ("bullers"?).

  2. Such interesting clouds! And I love the silhouettes of the steeples (is that what those are?) against the sky.

  3. No one can duplicate that creation, just splendid!

  4. Hi Linda,
    Beautiful and atmospheric photos, I do miss Edinburgh! To top it all, I learnt today that Nigel Kennedy did an impromptu performance at Whiski Bar last night! Bah!!

  5. Beatuiful images, I like the way you look at the world. :)
    New follower via Pamela @ The House of Edward.

  6. Hi Christine - this brings back memories. They're snow clouds - the 'bullers of Buchan'. I looked up the term on Google but couldn't find any reference to that context - just to collapsed caves and a village in Buchan. A closely guarded Doric secret, obviously.

    Chrissie, good to have a visit from another 'local' blogger. I have only ever passed through Manchester by train, so will look forward to seeing something outside of the station.

    RedPat, thank you. I got some funny looks from passers by - not an obvious, all singing and dancing sunrise.

    The Chieftess - I liked the way the clouds formed lumps and bumps.

    Adrienne, there are quite a few bits of building. One steeple, an observatory, a device to let shipping in the Firth of Forth know when it's one o'clock, and the National Monument, commemorating soldiers who fell in the Napoleonic wars.

    Denise, sometimes even grey can be nice, can't it!

    Mary, clouds are such a beautiful part of the world. Useful and beautiful at the same time.

    Hello Gary, sorry to make you nostalgic. I hadn't heard about Nigel Kennedy. The Whiski Bar is just round the corner from where I work - not that it's a regular lunchtime haunt of mine.

    Welcome Jeanne. Thanks for following. I love Pamela's blog - it's always such a treat for the soul.

  7. It is a beautiful low light sky.

  8. Dear Linda,
    Happy New Year to you and your family. And wish you lots of lovely skies like these in 2012.


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