Why I haven't been blogging

Like Marcheline, I'm tired of UCAS too. But something has pulled me away from blogging, and here it is. Edinburgh's Central Library. After years of lapsed membership I rejoined the library in January, and since then have been gripped by a compulsion to read. Handily, or perhaps not, the Central Library is only a couple of minutes walk from my workplace. A quick lunchtime jaunt and - how have I managed to take out another 6 books?

So all through the dreary days of early February I've been hunkering down with my books in the evenings. I've still been taking photos during the day, but I've lacked that follow-through of wanting to publish them. Perhaps it's been the low levels of light, or a bit of 'ennui d'Edimbourg'. Until last week we hadn't emerged from the city or the little clockwork train routine of work-housework-sleep-work since the New Year.

But now I'm feeling re-invigorated through my book immersion, including finding several titles which have been on my 'to buy' list for a while. I've been even more invigorated, in a way that appeals to Scottish thrift, by realising that I would have resented spending money on some of them. In the case of 'When the Lights Went Out:Britain in the Seventies', I had looked forward to the social history of the decade in which I was a teenager. Instead it turned out to be heavy on what politician X said to trade unionist Y, and on pages of economic strategy. I know, I'm such a lightweight.

On either side of the Central Library there are dramatic glimpses of Edinburgh Castle, another reason to make a visit worthwhile.

One thing has just struck me while writing this post - out of the armloads of books I've taken out there have been no Scottish titles. Perhaps I should aim for one book on a Scottish subject per visit.

Oh, and just going back to UCAS for a minute, if Marcheline will forgive me: last week UCAS delivered the offer of a place that my daughter had been waiting for. Now just one decision left to hear about and she can finalise her choice.


  1. Enjoy your reading and have fun! As long as it's making you happy go for it. :) Love your pictures as always.

  2. What a gorgeous library you have! It would truly be a treat to go there during your lunch breaks. Perhaps the odd book review will make it to your blog too?

  3. Ah, welcome back! Wasn't being mean, just missed you. I've also experienced a resurgent urge to read... isn't it lovely?

  4. Good to have you back.....for at least one post!!

    You know my daughter, Amber, who loved in Sctland for a year? She is having QUADRUPLETS!!! I am so thankful she is only 5 hours away from me instead of way over there in Aberdeen!!

  5. i have been missing you but totally understand blogging is not compulsory. enjoy your reading. it's nice to hear of people still enjoying going to the library and "taking out" books as opposed to doing things like downloading them. i still love a book in my hand. i am also envious of your wonderful old buildings such as the library and the castle. all the best to your daughter; i hope it all works out for her.

  6. Nice to hear from you, keep reading!

  7. A friend on Islay once recommended Neil Munro's THE NEW ROAD. I remember liking it a lot. As a fallback, there's always THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF SCONES.

  8. Good to have you back for a bit!

  9. This looks like a great library. I love Edinburgh castle and once went to a Runrig concert there which was amazing. I have recently found Margaret Elphinstone - Light, a superb read.

  10. Oh how well I know the feeling. I just can't walk into the library and not come out with books. I live close to three of them!!!

  11. Well darn...what a cool place to get lost in stacks of books!!! You're forgiven!!! And congratulations to your daughter!!!

  12. Thanks Alli. The funny thing is, I did miss blogging, but just couldn't get past my rampart of books.

    Shirley, it's rather nice inside too. I'll see if I can sneak a photo.

    Hi Marcheline, I know you weren't being mean. But you gave me the nudge I needed.

  13. Somehow by the time I finish blogging I am too tired to read so understand perfectly. There is only so much time!!

  14. What a beautiful library. I'm amazed you ever left the place to go home!

  15. Everyone gets blogging fatigue sometimes. I'm glad for you that you've been using your snatched spare time so well. That photo of the back of the castle with the cliff dropping away is stunning - not a view one often notices.

    In my day it was UCCA, but UCAS sounds the same nail-biting system. Well done to your daughter for getting the offers she wanted! Hope she can make a happy decision soon.

  16. So happy to see you have popped your head up from the tomes of winter! There isn't anything quite as soothing as an old library - the smells, the hushed tones, the wonderful potential to lose oneself! Even though I have hopped on the digital bandwagon, I still love holding a book in my hands!

    Here's to more pictures and words from you!

  17. Every so often, I have to take a hiatus from blogging too. I totally understand. Reading is such a big part of my life that I understand why you would want to spend that blogging time reading. I am always reading a book and I am so fortunate because I get to read all my daughters books on my kindle. She got me one in her name and so I get every book she buys and she is a prolific reader and can afford to buy LOTS of books. I used to go to the library a lot (Ours, by the way is not as beautiful as yours) and often would buy books that I wanted to read badly so I actually spent too much time reading. Now that I can't do as much physical work as I used to, I read even more and don't feel guilty about it.

    I enjoyed the pictures you posted too, but then I always enjoy them.

    I hope your daughter gets her number one choice of where she wants to go to school.

  18. Linda - my goodness!!! I popped over to your blog for a quick look and began to read the epic story of Amber's quads. I'll be back for a proper read at the weekend. All good wishes to you all, and especially to Amber for her own health and her babies'.
    Journeys to Scotland, I did flirt briefly with getting a Kindle for a week-long work trip I was going on, but then I decided it would just be another bit of electronic kit to worry about losing.

    Svenske Floyd, takk for det! My husband was in Sweden recently. I wish I'd been able to go with him.

    Ron, I'll have a look at The New Road. And yes, our Sandy (McCall Smith) is always good value!

  19. Wow what an amazing libary and close to your work what luck!! Does it have rules where you must be quiet? and is there a reading room with big comfortable chairs? what bliss......

  20. Michelle, thank you. I am trying to get back into the blogging groove, but I don't know where the time is going at the moment, even when I'm not reading!

    The cuby poet, Edinburgh castle is a fantastic venue for a concert. I saw Paul Simon in concert there, but a Runrig concert must have been extra special. Thanks for the book recommendation, I'll add it to my growing list.

    Happyone, you seem to be well blessed with libraries. I would never get anything done if I had 3 at my disposal!

    The Chieftess, thank you for your understanding. And yes, daughter is delighted.

    RedPat, sometimes blogging can seem like another job. I don't want it to become a chore, so a break every now and again is refreshing.

    Christine, I'm still discovering more bits of the library - all sorts of separate sections tucked away up grand flights of stairs.

    Dancing Beastie, that was a new view of the castle for me too, even tho I've passed it hundreds of time. Oh I know UCCA - my first job was dealing with university applications through UCCA. Of course in 'our day' it was all handwritten forms, and now it's a slick online operation.

    Dragonfly Dreams, you list all the ingredients of the perfect library.

    Darlene, seems like you have a good arrangement with your daughter. And yes, my daughter has got her number one choice of university. She is very happy.

    Andrea, it's actually quite a chatty library. I'm still exploring it, so perhaps there is a calm corner somewhere.

  21. I take it you're familiar with Lewis Grassic Gibbon...

    Our lives are parallel, Linda!

  22. great to see more of Scotland, just have to visit one day !

  23. Hello Mal - perhaps see you in the gardening section of the library one lunchtime! Yes, I know Grassic Gibbon. Part of my upbringing.

    Anni, glad I'm tempting you!


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