A nice day for a run

Still in catching up mode, here's a look back to the Edinburgh Marathon Festival a few weeks ago.  The marathon itself took place on the Sunday, and on the Saturday there were a succession of shorter distance runs.  My husband ran the 10k, raising money for the British Heart Foundation.  The start of the race is as you see above: on the flat, in Holyrood Park near the gates of Holyrood Palace, the Queen's Edinburgh home.  Sneakily, the route then climbed up around Arthur's Seat...

Below, some of the variegated charity T-shirts at the start line.


  1. These shirts show some wonderful causes.

  2. Excellent post showing all the charities that are supported by runs!

    Glad your daughter enjoyed Toronto - I hope she was here when the weather was nice. It is really hot today - 30˚C!

  3. Is that blue sky? I didn't think you'd seen blue sky this year...

  4. You had a brilliant day for it - congratulations to your husband for taking part! (And to you for supporting him - or did you run as well?)


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