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Edinburgh is in full grip of commercial Christmas.  The city centre is a-twinkle with every permutation of festive lights you can think of, from tasteful silvery trees to flashing neon of the the Star Flyer.  It's all a bit much for me.  Lovely though it is to have the town full of visitors, what I need in midwinter are darkness, silence and stillness.  There's a common perception that those of us who live with long Northern winters have a craving for as much artificial light as possible.  I find the reverse is true.  I need to embrace the darkness rather than push it away.

Away from the city centre, Christmas breaks free from the Winter Wonderland formula.  On my walk to work I pass this tiny community garden.  Rudolph has an endearing squint, and a rather...interesting neck.  The Christmas tree is a joyful riot of stockings and bird feeders, and the female Santa-cum-person-from-Frozen smiles at me every time I pass.  

On a standard-issue municipal planter beside the garden is a notice explaining what is probably the most truly Christmassy display in the city.


  1. It's fun to check out other people's Christmas decorations. You're right - the small planter with the note captures the true spirit of Christmas.

  2. That sign does restore one's faith in humanity!

  3. Nice to see that there is a willingness to make/take donations where needed.

  4. You have an interesting walk!!!
    I will always fondly remember our Christmas in Scotland in 2009!
    I was downtown Aberdeen on December 21st that year and it was DARK at 2:30 in the afternoon!!!
    I have a Christmas Card all ready to mail to you with a book mark using a watercolor the quads did.
    I HAD your address but I must have chewed it up!!! Could you please email it to me once more?
    Merry Christmas! It's almost HERE!!!

  5. I've spent one christmas in Edinburgh. My oldest son was working there, and lived in Stockbridge. I loved the food, loved the market, and we all had a ball. Cro xx

  6. Happy Christmas and a Peaceful Yuletide to you, in my favorite place in the world, from me, in NY!

  7. Wonderful! There is a tree in the park in Glasgow that seems to be decorated by passers-by. A nice tradition. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.


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