12 kuvaa /photos - my walk to work August

Has anything changed since July? There's a very faint feeling of autumn in the air - not all the time, but during the day there will be a moment when the sun is lower, or when you realise that the birds have stopped singing. But the trees are still green, and on the days when the sun breaks through it still seems like summer.

While I was taking this shot I heard a noise on the parapet of the bridge to my left.

I wish I could have captured the look of horror on the squirrel's face. Its eyes positively bulged at the sight of me. Before I could get a second, closer shot, it turned and headed back the way it had come. The interaction of woman with camera and squirrel had caught the attention of a few passers-by, and it was only when there was a ripple of laughter did I realise that I'd been watched while watching the squirrel.

This is the last in the 12 kuvaa/photos series for this year. I missed the start of the series, so I only have 11 of the 12 photos. I'll be transferring the monthly photo to my allotment blog for the next series.












  1. What a wonderful series this has been. I'm looking forward to the allotment series, too, Linda.

  2. Your squirrel story made me smile. I can picture the squirrel's surprise by the way you described it.

  3. Hi Linda, I've enjoyed your photos every month and seeing them all together here really reminds me of how much that scene changes with the seasons. I loved your story about the squirrel and the "ripple of laughter" and who knows, maybe you've given someone else the inspiration to take their camera walking with them and not care what others are thinking as they snap away, oblivious of passers by!

  4. lovely serie ,nice to see the seasons passing ... back to work ... holidays are so short ;)

  5. What a fun series! I could have done that with my walk home from work from this May until next May.

  6. I have been waiting for the August walk - looks pretty much like July so the summer isn't over yet! Love the squirrel.

  7. I like the squirrel too! But are you sure it was afraid? It may have screamed to get your attention?

  8. "Your" trees seems to grow and shrink during seasons. Thak You for taking part to this project!

  9. you and your squirrel made for an interesting story. thanks for sharing it here. love how you posted a series of photos of one location. it really shows the changing of seasons.


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