The dig

Not sure what will happen if you do push food through the bars. They seem to have brought their own, so they can't be starving.

The dig is taking place in the quadrangle of the University of Edinburgh's Old College. The current buildings date from 1789, and were built on top of Kirk O'Fields, the site of the murder in 1567 of Lord Darnley, second husband of Mary Queen of Scots.

Two skeletons have been uncovered, found in the coffin-shaped indentations immediately to the right of the green netting in the shot below. With the naked eye, but less so in a photo, you can make out the indentations where the bones lay. The remains have now been interred in a graveyard. There's no suggestion that I've seen that the remains were those of Darnley and his valet, and I think they're likely to remain unidentified after so long.


  1. There's humor in that sign!

  2. So cool. What made them decide to start digging in that spot after all this time? Do you know? And enjoy the rest of the time you have with the kids at home before college starts. I wish I had done so much more with Daven before she left. Time just gets by us too quickly it seems.

  3. That's fascinating! But who could it be aside from Darnley and his valet? They should look into that!

  4. Funny sign! I think it would be fascinating to be part of such a dig. It's like putting together a puzzle, trying to decipher the past.

  5. very interesting dig presenting itself. fascinating photo coverage too. i'm hoping to hear more on the bodies found. if they aren't Darnley and his valet... then who? hope all is well.


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