Old? and new

This is my 'old' school, in Elgin. Old = built in 1969. I should say that it is not normally surrounded by barricades...

Below, the beginning of the new Elgin Academy. The old one is now too old. Next time I'm up in Elgin I'll take a photo of the real 'old' Academy, which needless to say has lasted longer than 40 years.


  1. It's the same all over - in Stornoway they are knocking down the old(?) Nicholson and building a new one, while the original building is still in use. xx

  2. I am sure you have many wondeful memories there.

    I don't think I have ever seen a school with more than two floors - did you have to climb the stairs? Was each grade limited to one floor? Was the cafeteria on the first floor?

    I do love Elgin!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. This doesn't reflect well on the builders, engineers, designers, etc. who built a structure that would only last 40 years.

  4. Rennovations are always bittersweet to me. Will they leave the old building up or tear it down?

  5. Sigh! Yes indeed. I hope there will come a time (again) when buildings aren't designed to be disposable. I suppose this would mean that the work of craftspeople and tradesmen, who keep a building renovated over time, would have to be as valued as the highly-paid architects and contractors who design something new and move on.

  6. They're supposed to be knocking down my elementary school (K-6th), on June 1st. Not enough kids to keep it open. I took some pictures this past summer. I was hoping to photograph the demolition, but my son won't be out of school yet. Maybe we can go home for spring break and take more pictures while it's still standing. If not, I'll see what's there this summer. Another piece of my hometown and history that's gone.

  7. I think the old building is going to come down, because they'll need the land for playing fields. The new school is being built on part of the current playing fields, which were used as hockey pitches in my day. Not sad to see them covered up!

    Dragonfly Dreams, I had to climb the stairs in 1st and 2nd year, while still taking sciences, geography and art. Then when I specialised in English, Latin, European Languages and History I was in another part of the school. I'll take closer photos of the 'old' school next time I'm in Elgin. I'd like to document it for my own memories.

    Jacqui, I didn't know the Nicoloson was being replaced. Bet it will look exactly the same as the new Elgin Academy.

    Vickie, that's so sad about your elementary school.


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