Collective effort

Unfortunately there weren't enough of us today. The score in the Six Nations rugby match at Murrayfield was Scotland 6, Wales 24.

When I passed this poster (is that the right word? it seems too big for a poster) yesterday morning, the comma was up at the top of the 'y' of 'play', like an apostrophe. When I passed by on my way home in the evening, it had shifted down to be a comma. I wonder whose concern for grammar got it sorted.


  1. Oh dear - I've just found out the score from your blog. I forgot it was on - I wonder if it was my fault then. No doubt elder son will give a full and frank analysis of the when we talk to him later.

  2. Oh dear, too bad Scotland didn't win the game, but the ad is great!

  3. very good ad , are you sure the coma was up ? ;)

  4. As Karine said, it is a I think a very good poster, pity about the score. I have a good friend who by chance is both a Scot and a photo journalist he gets quite worked up about grammar but especially the use or misuse of the apostrophe! There is a sign outside a shop not too far from here and we both noticed that on the one sign there were two errors!

  5. Nice poster! I like the idea of communal effort. :) How do you move an apostrophe to be a comma on a poster?


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