Casting a clout

This Spring is so warm - so unsettlingly warm - that Scots are casting clouts all over the place, despite the old saying, 'Ne'er cast a clout till May be oot'. May isn't out yet, but it might as well be by the balmy temperatures, leafy trees and blossom that's almost overwhelming. These shots were taken a few weeks ago, along part of my walk to work. Now the various 'clouts' are almost hidden by foliage.

First to go were the gloves. I can understand that. My own gloves haven't emerged from the box in the hall for about a month now.

The shot below was taken in a blustery wind, hence the blurring. If I remember, I was also being looked at rather strangely by some passers-by.

Next, even the babies are feeling the heat.

But how do you lose a running shoe sock?

What I would like to know is - is there one person who's made it their mission to hang cast-off clothing on twigs by the side of the path, or is it a general impulse of the Edinburgh population? Does this happen where you live? And what do you find adorning trees or fences?


  1. Here they throw trainers over the electric high wires. It's funny to see them tied together hanging up & blowing in the breeze.

  2. I can say that this doesn't happen here in my area of Kentucky. Socks laying in the house maybe, but not hanging off of the tree!

  3. I have never heard of such a thing......but I LOVE the post....and ALL things Scottish! It was 95 degrees here today before the storms rolled in! 77 degrees tomorrorw. Texas weather is just weird. But isn't ALL weather??

  4. In Montreal we often find gloves, scarves, mitts and hats in the trees and snowbanks in the spring. You seem to be having the kind of Spring that we had last year! Unfortunately our Spring is kind of crummy this week as it's been cold and blustery! We're hoping to get the nice weather back soon :o)

  5. this is too hilarious. this is for real, right? you didn't just hang all these things yourself? i take it clout is clothes? i think your blogs are very creative. i really enjoy reading them.

  6. We had snow on my lawn this morning, but it was 70 degrees F a few days ago. It's definitely springtime here! That's an interesting tradition you've got, thanks for showing it.

  7. Well. I am totally mystified by this post.

    I can say this: New Mexicans seem to cast plastic bags into the wind with great abandon. The bags get stuck on cacti in the desert, looking just horrible. It has been suggested that the bags on cacti be called the New Mexico State Flower.

    Looking forward to further clarification re your clouts in trees...

  8. I've not seen to many cast off out and about my walks around our small town, but, sadly, in many places in the US, people just leave things lay on the ground and it just ends up being litter. I've seen more care taken with random hub-caps off the wheels of cars than clothing articles left lying.

  9. It happens here where I live too - an outdoors lost and found. : )

  10. Maybe people have placed the bits in the bushes so that owners who might have dropped them can easily spot the articles? Who knows?

  11. Tami W., I've seen trainers on phone wires in Canada. It was really quite a sight!

    Farmchick, perhaps people are just more careful with their clothing in Kentucky.

    Linda, 95 degrees!!! I should think Texans are casting off a bit more than gloves.

    Karine, sorry to hear that your Spring is still dismal. It must be strange to see gloves etc emerging from the melting snow.

    Journeys to Scotland - no, I'm not guilty of planting any props! Glad you're enjoying my blog.

    Al, its something that seems to be gathering pace here. Perhaps because it looks good as well as being community-spirited! Your weather seems to be on a real see-saw.

    clairz, plastic bags on cacti must look horrible. I think plastic bags are a curse the world over.

    Jenni - hub caps are a new one on me. I'll have to look out for any Scottish ones.

    Happyone, perhaps your area has some descendents of the thrifty Scots.

    RedPat, I'm sure you're right. I can report that the sock has gone, but as far as I can remember the rest of the stuff is still there.

  12. I've often seen lost mittens and hats on the tops of iron railings in Aberdeen. I had such a laugh at the people wondering what you were doing taking the photo!

  13. Christine, railings are a favourite location for lost gloves and hats here too. I wonder if it's a thrifty Scottish impulse.

    Babzy, glad you were amused!

  14. I can't say that I've noticed any bits of clothing flung about on the trees here on this little mountainside in the Pacific Northwest! Will keep my eyes open though...


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