Royal Wedding escape

If you want to escape the Royal Wedding Bank Holiday Weekend, which has now assumed the status of having initial capitals, and the bunting and the crowns (tho I have to confess we had been in this Tesco store in Elgin for an hour before we noticed that it was festooned with Union Jacks...)

You can always turn to Bonnie:

And her retro picnic basket, complete with ... interesting contents. Any suggestions as to what the picnic might consist of?


  1. lol, you had me laughing all over again when i saw the name "bonnie camper". i was having flashbacks to people lying facedown on the grass and an mysterious bunny.

  2. Wow...that looks like bits of ham and maybe a cake with icing sugar on it? But I'm really not sure, it really does look 'interesting'. I hope you will give us the answer!

  3. Oooh! When were you there?

    I wondered how you could miss all that for a whole hour but then I showed the photo to my husband {who was in that very same shop this afternnon} and he said he didn't see it at all!!

    By the way, doesn't seem to be much in the way of wedding celebrations happening in Hopeman. More of a media event, perhaps?

  4. Seriously, I have no idea. But, I have no doubt that the contents are interesting!

  5. Keep smiling, Linda! What a crazy time. I had no idea that a store in Scotland could look so garish.

  6. Some plastic sausage rolls and a lump of marzipan with sugar sprinkled on it? Lovely!

  7. It's hard to escape it here so it must be impossible over there! Enjoy the day off.

  8. I can't get away from the Royal Wedding even here in Colorado - I can't imagine what it's like where you live!

  9. Yikes! What is that stuff in that basket? I am almost afraid to ask.

  10. p.s. the store looks surprisingly like Walmart. Scary, I know.

  11. wow, they really are celebrating "royally" eh?
    I'd love to know the contents of the basket, please do tell...
    & to answer your ?, yes, we are just beginning the search for colleges for my son. & it seems so completely different from when I was looking for a college!

  12. How funny! The picnic basket looks really scary. I can't bear to look too closely but there seems to be a Victoria sponge sliding off into the bottom. I have seen one law firm and one house in Aberdeen displaying bunting.

  13. Journeys to Scotland, I can report that the little people are all upright at the moment!

    Karine, the cake looks like a cake, but the pink things look really dubious!

    Gennasus, we were in Tesco last Saturday morning. And glad to get out again!

    Farmchick, I did wonder if it was better not to wonder too much about it.

    Jenni, glad it's raised a smile.

    clairz, it looks more garish in the photo than it does in reality, but we certainly have our share of garish retail opportunities.

    Foody, I think you're right about the sausage rolls. They've evidently been constructed with some care.

    RedPat, we now have 6 hours of Royal Wedding recorded. And we did enjoy the day.

    Breezy Point Mom, I think Foody has convinced me that the pink things are sausage rolls. Perhaps a tad undercooked. I've been in a Walmart in Canada, and I can see the similarity. One of the other big supermarket chains in the UK, Asda, is not part of the Walmart 'family'.

    Lily Hydrangea, it's all different from my time as well. Good luck!

    Christine, we saw several New Town flats displaying bunting on Saturday - as you might expect in that area of Edinburgh. Kind of made me wish we'd got the bunting out. Ah well, there's still Mrs Queen's Diamond Jubilee to come.


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