Standing on the edge

I'm not too keen on standing on the edge of sheer drops. Perhaps it's an age thing. My daughter's Projects group didn't seem to have a problem with it in the Cuillin range on Skye.


  1. That looks like incredible scenery - nice shots. I don't like getting right up to the edge of a drop, but I can for a photograph!

  2. Absolutely AWESOME!!! But I'm with you......

  3. Standing beside a huge drop scares me too, but my Sweetheart is fine with it so we sometimes have issues when we go hiking!

  4. A beautiful view and what an experience.

  5. Great photo,students look so relaxed!not sure wether i'd like to get that close either.Watched a great program on TV all about your beautiful country "Coast"Glasgow to Edinburgh via Caledonian Canel.

  6. That does look like a very dramatic drop!

  7. Hi Linda,
    Iv'e been lucky enough to walk and climb most mountain ranges, but the Cuillin Range was never one of them, and always one that I longed to visit...maybe soon now that you've reminded me of it's moonscape beauty. Amazing pictures, an experience your daughter will never forget I am sure. Thanks

  8. I'd forgotten how amazing the scenery is there. Wow!!!!! still not the place if you're scared of heights...

  9. Randy, we don't often call something 'awesome' here, but I agree, it IS an awesome view.

    Al, not even for a photo would I get near the edge!

    Linda, we'll huddle together at a safe distance, shall we?

    Karine, going hiking with someone is a true test of a relationship.

    Farmchick, my daughter still talks about her experience in these two weeks. It's been one of the highlights of her school career.

    Andrea, the Coast series is very well done. I saw the Caledonian canal programme a few weeks ago. This week's one was about Scottish islands - Benbecula, Shetland - lovely!

    Sara, I have a feeling that they weren't perched RIGHT on the edge. But it certainly made a good shot.

    Jenni, 'wow' is what I said when I first saw this shot.

    Gary, you seem so well placed where you are in England for 'continental' holidays that it must seem like a bit of a trek to get up here.

    Jenny, I prefer my hills without these sharp edges off which one can drop!

    Happyone, glad you liked it!

  10. Hi Linda,

    I'm a bit late on the uptake (as so often), but wanted to say: WOW! and ooh and aah, and no you wouldn't catch me that close to the edge either! What are the islands we see in the top photo, do you know? Canna / Rum / Eigg?

  11. Wonderful shots. I didn't realize that your country had such high mountains and ravines.


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