Installation of the Chancellor

Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal was installed as the Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh today. I was lucky enough to be at the ceremony, which was held outside in the newly restored quad of the University's Old College.

Above, the platform party at the beginning of the ceremony. At the left of the platform in the blue and red gowns denoting the 'Distinction of University Benefactor' award: J K Rowling, Mr Hugh Langmuir and Mrs Josseline Langmuir. The Chancellor's gown awaits Princess Anne, who casts it a sideways glance. Perhaps she's looking forward to putting it on - it was rather chilly out there, although we were incredibly lucky to have a dry, sunny day. To Princess Anne's left, the Principal studies his order of ceremony.

Below, the new Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor. Princess Anne is succeeding her father the Duke Of Edinburgh, who had held the role since 1953.

Princess Anne then had some duties to perform, including the award of Distinction of University Benefactor to J K Rowling. The Harry Potter author has recently donated £10 million to set up the Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic at the University. The clinic carries out research into degenerative neurological conditions, including Multiple Sclerosis, from which J K Rowling's mother died.

There was a plaque unveiling, to commemorate the renovation of the quad.

It seems to have been quite jolly as far as plaque unveilings go.

As the procession processes out, celebratory fizz appears at the left of the shot.

The celebrations continued in the quad for most of the afternoon. Princess Anne kept her gown on throughout. She was probably the warmest of the lot of us.

One of the comments on this post remarked on how much good work Princess Anne does that goes unreported. I looked up yesterday's Court Circular:

"The Princess Royal, Patron, Seagull Trust Cruises, this morning named the new disabled passenger boat ST. JOHN EDINBURGH at Union Canal, Baird Road, Ratho, Newbridge, Midlothian, and was received by Mr. Thomas Martin (Deputy Lieutenant of the City of Edinburgh).
Her Royal Highness, Chancellor, the University of Edinburgh, this afternoon attended the Chancellor's Installation Ceremony and opened the Quadrangle at the Old College, South Bridge.
The Princess Royal, Patron, the Vine Trust, later opened the Global Citizenship Centre at Prince of Wales Dock, Leith Docks.
Her Royal Highness, Royal Patron, this evening held a Reception to mark the Thirtieth Anniversary of Motor Neurone Disease Scotland at the Palace of Holyroodhouse.
The Princess Royal, Chancellor, the University of Edinburgh, later held the Chancellor's Installation Dinner at the Palace of Holyroodhouse."

This is from the 'official website of the British Monarchy', which has the wonderful web address of ''.

And just one further update, since there has been a comment about J K Rowling's heels - here they are in close-up:


  1. Brilliant photos. I would love to have been there. It looks a relaxed and happy occasion.

  2. A very nice looking ceremony there. I don't think I've ever seen a photo of J K Rowling before, although I've ready the Harry Potter series.

  3. An interesting day and what a generous donation by Ms. Rowling.

  4. I'd like a glass of that "celebrity fizz" please! Interesting how all those official gowns make one notice the shoes so much more. I like J.K. Rowling's best but I'd never be able to talk in those heels.

  5. I can't believe I am the first to comment on these impressive pictures taken at such an important event as the Installation of the Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh. You WERE certainly lucky to be in attendance at such an auspicious occasion. Princess Ann certainly too her being there very seriously, as well she should.

    It had to be interesting to see the new Chancellor awarding J.K. Rowling for her enormous 10 million pounds to set us a Regenerative Neurology Clinic there at the University. I am always so happy to see very successsful people giving back.

    The whole occasion must have been a very special affair. I am so glad you got to witness the whole thing. I know it was extremely impressive for me to just see the pictures.

  6. How very interesting! It looks like a very positive day. I'm not really a Royalist, but I think Anne does a lot of good work that generally goes unreported. It's good to hear about J K Rowling's contribution. Thanks for this peek into an important occasion.

  7. Annie, it was very relaxed all round, despite the ceremony. We had a lovely afternoon that made us feel that we were all part of a community.

    Al, JKR is quite a private person. She's also very petite, hence the heels.

    Farmchick, JKR's donation is going to do a lot of good.

    Sara, I wondered if anyone would pick up on the shoes. I'll update the post with a close-up of JKR's heels!

    Darlene, I don't know how Blogger works. Your comment was the first in my list of comments, but once it was posted it came out further down the list. No matter, I appreciate it wherever it comes! We were all still feeling the afterglow at work today - plus the beautiful flowers are still gracing the quad.

    Christine, Anne was certainly working hard yesterday. I updated my post with her extract from yesterday's Court Circular.

  8. I'm amazed at how young Princess Anne looks here!!! And that other young woman's heels...yowie zowie!!! Not me!!!

  9. This brought to my mind a day, when we were in Braemar Gathering and saw the whole Royal family coming from the church of Braemar.
    I had our youngest on my lap and we were standing quit near the road.
    I think I have told you this already earlier :)
    Your photos with Princes Anne and Rowling are fine documentation about those moments.

  10. HRH opened our building 10 years ago. I got in trouble for setting off a print job as she was going down the line of dignitories. We had been told to act "normally" - but clearly not that normal!

    Nice takety boots!

  11. The Chieftess, Princess Anne does look rather dewy. And she is so slim. As for JKR's heels, I would fall off them in a standing position, let alone trying to walk. I wonder if people who wear heels like that practise walking in them, or if they just have the knack.

    Leena, that must have been quite a moment. The Royal Family are quite relaxed when they're in Scotland. Sounds as if your youngest may have been too young to remember the occasion tho.

    Mal, yes, that was us. We had to be normal, but not too normal.

  12. I love JKR - she's a good egg.

    Wonder if they use decking screws or galvanized nails. You know, to install a chancellor. 8-)

  13. How lovely for J.K. Rowling that she was able to do something so beneficial to others in her mother's memory.

    Thank you for capturing the ceremony. I'm going to totter off in my inch-high heel sandals to feed the chickens now.

  14. Heel wearing ability in us short folks is a gene that switches on thankfully! Looks like a lovely day, soft spot for EU :) my old uni.

    Great donation by jkr, great girl.


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