Olympic torch

The Olympic torch called at Edinburgh University on Monday. Members of University sports teams posed for photos with the torch, which surprised my by its futuristic appearance. I was expecting something...torch-like. Note the white gloves. All those who touched the torch - or The Torch - had to put them on.

After the sports teams it was the turn of ordinary students, who queued to have their photo taken in the search for what are called 'Future Flames'. I'm not quite sure how the selection is made for the Flames. The whole enterprise is sponsored by Coca Cola, in one of these ironies of modern life that I just don't get. Sweet fizzy drink + loads of money = association with peak fitness. Anyway, students certainly queued.

The tour bus was of course a London double-decker. It just seems like yesterday that one of these trundled into the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

Although a group of us went to watch from my office, we didn't bother queuing. We got the message that we weren't quite in the 'Future Flame' age group.


  1. Too bad you couldn't get a pic - it is a once in a lifetime chance for sure!

  2. Nor would I be.....
    What happened to a torch looking like a torch? Loved seeing the double decker bus! Amber and I rode those some years ago now.

  3. Great pics. And, yes, a bit ironic that Coca-cola is sponsoring this.

  4. Hi Linda
    It looks like a device for shaping butter, and the white gloves make them look like they are in a dairy. Sorry you didn't feel young enough....I expect you didn't miss much by the looks of it.

  5. The Torch always looks futuristic, you should look up a picture of Vancouver's torch from last year! As for Coca-Cola sponsoring the Future Flames thing...it's all about money!

  6. Great photos Linda, they bring back memories of two years ago almost to the day when the Olympic Torch Relay came to Haida Gwaii http://caro-on-the-islands.blogspot.com/2009/11/my-world-tuesday-olympic-torch-relay.html
    We were blessed because the Haida refused to allow it to be a corporate event so there was nothing corporate about it. It was worth getting up early and hurrying up and waiting! Because we are off the beaten path there was no preliminary hype on island.
    From what I remember Coca Cola sponsored a random draw for "torch bearers" and then the communities where the torch was going through were able to put names forward.
    I'm not sure if I was excited about the Torch Relay or the coup that the Haida pulled off!
    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  7. "The Olympic ideal is going to Hades in a handcart" - British Dental Caries Association

  8. RedPat, it might have been worth trying just to see the reaction. I could have pretended to be a mature student.

    Linda, like you, I like a torch to look like a torch! The red double deckers are great, aren't they? It may seem incredible, but the school bus to my secondary school, 10 miles from my home village, was for a while a double decker with an open back door. Even in the depth of the Scottish winter...

    Farmchick, I suppose Coke has the money, and I'm being too much of a purist, but I just think it's bizarre.

    Gary, I didn't think of the dairy analogy at the time, but I see what you mean! And you're right, there was a certain lack of genuine excitement about the whole thing.

    Karine, I just looked up the Vancouver torch and see what you mean. But it has a certain 'winter sports' appeal.

    Caroline, what a fantastic community event. It really looks as if it captured the original spirit.

    Mal, I'm going to be watching athletes' teeth very carefully during the Olympics.

  9. It isn't a bad thing to be a fiery flame instead of a little (future) flame! Hurrah to those of us whose sparks have blossomed into a beautiful fire!

  10. Oh well, one day they'll no longer be in the "Future Flame" age group, either! ;-)

    Nice images you obtained. I love seeing those beautiful old buildings in the background.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comment today - what a very nice surprise to hear from you!

  11. I share the comments of many others, I did find the red double decker buses most interesting. How I would love to ride one of those. I would be on the upper level, of course!

    I was surprised at the shape of the torch too and I can understand why they would require one to wear gloves while holding it.

    Coca Cola being the sponsor seems a little odd too, being that drinking coke, diet OR regular is really unhealthy. (Having said that, I allow myself to drink one diet coke a day) We are always reading about reasons why we should not drink it. Regular coke has way too much sugar, and diet coke has too much aspertame. One can't really win drinking either.

    I will be looking forward to the Olympics as I really do enjoy watching them.

  12. So exciting! It wasn't too awfully long ago that the Olympic Torch came through East Gwillimbury - the year of the Vancouver Winter Olympics. It's so cool to see. :)

  13. Perhaps Linda you are a Present Flame! I agree with your feelings about sponsorship by Coke. It's funny to think that it originally contained cocaine (so I believe), and thus would have been off-limits to the athletes.

  14. It should have been Diet Coke instead? At least it wasn't Marlboro sponsoring the event.

    Ageism too? That sucks.


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