Warmth and music

Over the past couple of weeks we've attended our children's respective university orchestra concerts.  First was St Andrews - an after-work dash from the city up through the Fife countryside.   It felt as if we'd travelled hundreds of miles rather than fifty, so great was the contrast between rush hour Edinburgh and the university town on the edge of the winter darkness of the North Sea.

The following week was Glasgow, on a night of 'bitter chill'.  It was rather wonderful to go into the Students' Union and find a large fireplace on the main landing, with a glowing coal fire.  Of course I had to take a photo - somewhat blurred because of the desperate uncoolness of being a mother taking a photo - of anything really - but most of all of a coal fire.


  1. Such good parents! It must have been wonderful to happen upon that fireplace.

  2. I find a fire so very inviting, no matter where I find it. I would have also taken a picture!

  3. I love classical music, and really want to get out and see more of it live. There's a surprising amount in my little city, including a philharmonic orchestra with occasionally incredible guest performers - earlier this year they had Itzhak Perlman!

  4. This looks like a great warming fire. Today here though we would not need it as it was in the mid 70s F again (23C) but maybe soon the weather will cool off. Listening to your children in a concert must be a thrill. Thanks for coming to my blog.

  5. I remember very well how my kids were happy when I attended events if I just stood around, smiled a lot and didn't open my mouth. The look of fear on their faces was enough for me to know that if I said anything it might not be cool! HA

  6. Live music in the winter is so great. I'm going to see my local choir singing gospel this coming weekend.

    You must be looking forward to your kids coming back for Christmas.

  7. Oh Linda, I have been so lax in blogging lately. I seemed to have lost the whole of November and when I went back to see all of your blogs I had missed, I discovered that the last one was your Nov. 5 blog which I commented on Nov.10. It's hard to believe that so much time has elapsed, but I just sort of lost November. It was a very bad month for me health wise and I just don't know where it went.

    I have to say though that I did enjoy reading the past few missed blogs as you always have so many beautiful pictures posted. I wish I could learn to post pictures as you do, but I never take them and it is hard to get Dick to take them as he doesn't like to either, to say nothing of trying to get them unto my blog.

    The Poppyscotland Field of Remembrance was really something to see, even though sad. All of those crossed with the single poppy on each was incredible.

    The Irrisistable Autumn was lovely too. You are so artistic, Linda to notice such a beautiful sight as two autumn leaves that had fallen between two trunks of trees----what an interesting shot that was!!

    Rotches Old Cemetary had such delicate blossoms to beautify the cemetary, and the Whiskey place next door gave me a laugh. It was an interesting building though.

    As for the German Market Place, it certainly seemed to be busy. Perhaps it is just like that the rest of the year as well. It would be very interesting to me to visit a place like that, hearing German spoke in Scotland!

    Sorry to make this so long, but I didn't want to comment on each one individually. As for you newest blog, I think it is just wonderful that you were able to attend the Universities of both of your children. I forget which one your daughter attends. I know she is very musical, but since you went to a Symphony Concert at each University, I suspect they both have very good music departments. At any rate, come to think of it, I never attended any of my five children's Universities while they were there. I have been on all of the campuses in other years. I wish I had done so now. You will have some very good memories when you get to be my age.

    I hope you are busy with the holidays now, as we are. December promises to be a much better month for me. I am feeling a little better every day and we are looking forward to traveling to Northern California to be with our daughter and all of her family for Christmas.

  8. To answer your question, it was an artificial lake, as are most where I live. It's so dry here that it's illegal to capture your rainwater!

  9. I'm sure the music in both concerts was well worth the journey. It's wonderful that your children are choosing to spend some of their precious time at university making music.

  10. years from now they will be delighted that their mom is such a great photographer

  11. Got a nice warm glow just *looking* at that... must've been wonderful in person!


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