What a delightful surprise to encounter a shop window where poetry rather than selling is to the fore.  And have you ever seen such beautiful flower names?  

Well done to John Lewis for another artistic window.  If you haven't seen it already, have a look at the Christmas card to Edinburgh.


  1. What a special shop this is! I clicked on your link to the Christmas card....how I missed this back in December I don't know! I noticed the artist had commented on your post and gave a vimeo link to see the video! I am so impressed! I shared it to my Facebook! This is interesting to me because the last three days I have come in from Quadville, donned my artist apron and painted on a Santa Claus! (I am painting 2 more of the same one I did for 2012 for 2 sisters.)
    I love your posts!!

  2. That is a beautiful window visually and the words just add to it!

  3. It is neat. I need to brush up on my gaelic.

  4. Wow! As you can imagine, I really love this post. I must look up some of these flowers and see what they are in English.

  5. I might just forward this to all the stores and tell them they need to up their game. Love the flower names. I understand we have to have the Latin identification so things don't get muddled but the old names are just as important.


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