Cycling Project - home comforts

After nearly two weeks of basic camping, including tents blowing down in gales, the group spent a night in a Youth Hostel near the end of the trip. It was newly opened after refurbishment, and the highlight for the group was the LEATHER SOFAS. In taking the photo above my son obviously thought that it represented everything that was luxurious: lamplight, mugs of hot chocolate on a coffee table (a coffee table!), a can of 'squirty cream', and windows that keep out the wind. The time, by the way, was 1o.54 p.m.


  1. I'm agree with your son , when it's cold and windy ,simple things as a hot chocolate and a sofa are appreciate ;)

  2. Sometimes there really is just no place like home.

  3. What an incredible adventure your son has had. I can't imagine biking all that distance.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. It's funny but i was thinking about you yesterday and regretting that I had not book marked your blog and couldn't remember the name of it! So, hooray, there you were.

    We car camped in New Zealand in a much smaller vehicle and appreciate our overblown American camper and truck.

    We have also backpacked and really roughed it out in the elements so I can appreciate the comforts of home as well.

  4. So nice to take a moment and appreciate the good things...

    It sounds as though he's having a remarkable adventure!

  5. Ah, I'd stay there for weeks if I could - this could be an advert for the place. The warm glow of the lamp and the shelter from the elements with beautiful scenery outside really are so cozy.
    Thank you for your comment on the 'graduate'. He was the only one with a white coat. The day was very bright, and but cool and yes, it was just coastal fog that did not move in.

  6. Hi Linda, sorry I didn,t reply to your comment asking me where Torrieston Woods are a few weeks ago. I went into hospital for a hip replacement so am only just back in the saddle.The woods are on the road that goes from Elgin to Pluscarden Abbey, one side is Torrieston the other side Monaughty Forrest, there is a good car park with toilets and picnic tables, hope you get to enjoy a walk there sometime

  7. If anything would convince my husband to move to Scotland, it would be the fact that there is still daylight at almost 11:00 at night!

    I have gotten very behind in reading blogs, but should be able to catch up in another week or so. I still need to read about your son's adventure. Being inside after two weeks outdoors must have felt like a wonderful retreat.

    What is the plant outside the window with the yellow flowers?

  8. Lindy, the plant is gorse, which is very common Scotland. The flowers smell deliciously but incongruously of coconut.


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