Taking a break

End of school today (and I'm not chancing even waterproof mascara for the ceremony), then one child off to France this afternoon, the other starting a holiday job next week, and I'm heading north for a week to see my Dad and to breathe the Speyside air. So I'm taking a blogging break, and when I come back I might indulge myself by enjoying other blogs for a bit rather than being on photo opportunity alert.

The Albertine rose in the shot above symbolises this time of year for me. It grew in my parents' garden, and now I have it in mine. At my primary school we would take in flowers for the teacher on the last day of school - as happens the world over. It was rather coals to Newcastle, as everyone had whopping gardens by Edinburgh standards, and no shortage of their own flowers. Still, it was the thought etc, and in those days no-one would have dreamt of BUYING anything. On the last day of Primary 2 I remember very clearly standing at the classroom door waiting to go in, holding my bunch of Albertine roses with their stems wrapped in silver foil. I remember the polished herringbone parquet of the corridor, the brown varnished wood of the classroom door, the bare grey floorboards of the classroom. The room was suddenly huge and echoing, with all our artwork taken down the day before. And I was suddenly conscious of the moment, aware of myself standing there with my bunch of roses, and aware too that I would never live this moment again.

So I'm taking a break to immerse myself in just enjoying the moment.


  1. A beautiful rose and a nice memory.
    Enjoy your break! :-)

  2. Oh, the sign of a good blogger, knowing when to take a break! Thanks for the memories and have a wonderful summer and congrats on your children moving forward in their lives. Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings and smiles

  3. Lovely shot...Hope you have a lovely blogcation!

  4. That was a sweet memory. Is giving the teacher a present on the last day a thing of the past? I certainly can't imagine kids going to school with bunches of flowers these days, although it would be nice to be wrong.

    Yes, we are going to Monday morning's ceremony! What a small world and what a shame you'll be away.

    Have a good holiday up here, hope this weather keeps up for you. It's been very warm today. The harbour and beach were the place to be once school was out!

  5. Hi Linda,

    Enjoy the vacation! I am in full summer hiking blog mode, so you can live vicariously through me for a while.


  6. Have a good break
    seen you soon

  7. happy summer and holidays !!

  8. Please don't be away for long! I have just found your blog and I am enchanted!

  9. A rose with so much personal history. Your description is almost poetic - well done.
    Enjoy the moments of your "time off".

  10. Oh, enjoy your break, Linda.

    This was a lovely post. I think it's wonderful that you grow the same rose in your garden that you remember from childhood. It is a lovely shade of pink!

  11. Even to see and smell roses is already a break for me. And if roses has a story behind (as yours) - how wonderfully!


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