12 kuvaa/photos - my walk to work February

No comparison in terms of daylight this month, since my walk to work was at nearly 10 am rather than my normal 8 am. Is it just my fancy, or is there a slight thickening about the twigs on the trees? Perhaps it's my imperfect exposure.

There's a taxi, a black London cab, beetling along, and there was one in November's shot. This road by the Water of Leith is a taxi and those-in-the-know short-cut route.

No photo of Calton Hill today - the sun was in the way. I didn't mind. At this time of year, in Scotland, we take all the sun we can get.

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  1. It doesn't look as cold as December.
    Snow expected here.
    Any minute.
    Our noses are pressed to the window.

  2. Your top photo shows that there is hope. Maybe spring will come around the corner soon. I like your series. It is very interesting country in which you live.

  3. I think the new one is the besy yet. Maybe it´s the lightness of the sky and the cab and the lonely figure just in the right places that does it.

  4. I knew that the Carlton Hill looked familiar even though I couldn't remember it's name. But we saw it couple of years ago in this trip. Good series you've got here!

    And thanks for visiting + commenting my 12photos. Greetings from Finland! :-)

  5. I agree, there is a thickening of the trees. I've noticed a change in colour too and my willows are showing small buds of silver "pussy palm", spring is surely around the corner. I love your Feb shot.

  6. I'm enjoying your walk to work....and looking forward to what the coming months will reveal.

  7. You definitely have some colour there! That's not the case in this country (Finland) where we can only offer white pictures and some more white pictures... topped with grey skies.. I like the silhouette of those buildings on the background, like castles!

  8. There´s already the blue of the sky, but I know the weather conditions can change quickly. This winter has been exceptional here in Finland, too. No plus-degrees since November.


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