The orange snow shovel beside the hospital door in my previous post would have come from Gammack's shop in the High Street. This shot is obviously from Christmas-time, given the tell-tale tree on the wall. No need for any lessons here in how to give your customer what they want. Snow shovels, sledges, ordinary shovels for a different type of snow, a bag of coal for the open fire to keep things cosy, a brush for that fine work once you've shovelled most of the snow off the path, and a bottle of anti-freeze for the car windscreen.

If you want it, Gammack's probably have it. They're stockists of (deep breath):

  • quality leather
  • kilt belts
  • bridles
  • horse rugs
  • head collars and halters
  • riding boots
  • grooming brushes
  • sporrans
  • paint
  • batteries
  • bee supplies
  • garden seeds
  • compost
  • calor gas
  • hardware
  • fancy goods
One of the daughters of the owner is a Master Saddler. You could also pop in for a hand-made leather case for your mobile, or a hand-made wooden walking stick.

The indispensability of Gammack's has been part of my world since I was a child. Bits of other worlds are at My World Tuesday.

I think this is the last of my snow scenes. With the way life has been I haven't been looking for photo opportunities recently and have relied on my 'back catalogue'. But I've had enough of snow, so time to move on. In answer to the kind enquiries about my Dad's health, he's feeling better in himself, but things are going to have to move much more slowly than he'd like. But at least he's feeling impatient now, which is a good sign.


  1. Such a neat place. Are all the stores so very (please forgive the term) quaint? Even the hospital below is reminiscent of better and more lovely times.

    Our small towns still have wonderful shops like the one you described. Not sure if we have such one on one care in a hospital, certainly I have never been in one of those - we have the commercial ... people are numbers and diseases, not people system. So very sad.

    But I love the 'old time' stores. Up in the Adirondack mountains (kind of the North and center part of New York State here in the US) there are a few wonderful places like you have pictured.

    Ah, if only we could live in such a place.

  2. Your post reminded me that there is a house across the street from me that still has a Christmas tree in its window. My small city put up a "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" sign before Christmas. It still stands alongside the river.

  3. I remember a store similar to that we had when I was growing up (of course we didnt sell Kilt gear lol) and I always loved going there with my parents and browsing the many diff things on the shelves. They even had penny candy at the counter!
    So glad your dad is feeling better.....and Im with you, I am over the snow!

  4. In some parts of our country, people would say that it appears to be a mighty fine store. I would be fun to visit it. The total ambiance because of it's type of products makes it special.

  5. I could use a new snow shovel - ours broke and they are all sold out here in my part of the world!

  6. I know it well, bought a good dog lead there just recently. I've also visited the hospital, it is a homely kind of place. So glad to hear the food is good, has to be better than what I've just been getting down the road in Elgin! Apart from the soup, that is - Dr Gray's does GREAT soup.

  7. I love shops that sell riding boots and horse blankets. They always smell wonderful.

    Thinking of you and your Dad. I know it's hard.

  8. What an indispensable place! Our local "they will have it!" place is Yeager's. What a sad world it will be if chain stores push all the unique local stores out. I hope that's not the danger over there it is here.

  9. I love that shop and have often been in for various items. Pleased to hear that your Dad is on the mend. I'm sick of snow too, we've had another 4 inches today so one of the snow shovels would be handy.

  10. Beautiful shot. They have everything to help you with the snow.

  11. mmmmm...handmade wooden walking stick. Thanks for the info.

    Also I like anywhere that sells "fancy goods."


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