Spot the whisky

They pop up everywhere on Speyside, these distilleries. You go to catch a train in Elgin and look, there's another one. (Hint - look for the roof) No train right at that moment - it was half an hour late because of snow and ice.

No, I didn't miss the train. Our son was going back to Edinburgh ahead of the rest of us at New Year.


  1. Great pic. Good to hear that you didnt miss the train. Hope your son is happy at Edinburgh and tell us all about how you are managing not to worry about him when he is not around. I think I could do with some tips.

  2. Lovely snow! Its amazing how snow THERE doesnt faze me, but snow HERE is UGH! lol

  3. Lovely snowy pictures. I especially like the sunshine and shadow in the first one.

  4. I love the look of fresh snow, before someone has stepped on it. :) so relaxing

  5. That is a great photo.It would make a great painting. You have beautiful sky in Scotland.

  6. How awful,

    scotch everywhere.

    I just ran out last night.

    Not as easy to get unique stuff here.

    Perhaps we need to make a drug deal :)


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