Ash cloud poetry

It depends on your standards whether you consider this poetry, but you've got to admire this wine shop in Edinburgh's Broughton Street for compressing the flight ban, the troublesome Eyjafjallajokull volcano and a marketing push on whisky into a cheeky four lines.


  1. Better to write it down than read it aloud! I simply cannot pronounce that volcano's name properly, no matter how hard I try. Perhaps a bit of whisky might help.

  2. A wonderful sign! Thank you for sharing.

    I wonder how many of your readers know someone who has been affected by the flight ban? Although those of us here in New Mexico are far from any ash, my son in New York City is playing host to a stranded Dutch traveler.

  3. I like the sign to promote whiskey. I hope you are alright there is Scotland.

  4. That would have hooked me right in the door.

  5. Cheeky is good!!!

    wv: uretioug...must be another volcano in Iceland!!!


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