Occasional giveaway - don't forget the trams

Lying in bed this morning, I was musing on where in the world I'd like to be stuck because of the ban on flights. A very Monday morning sort of musing. I saw myself in Oslo, en route to Haraldsheim youth hostel up on the hill. Or Helsinki, passing the Rock Church. Or in the elegant city of Bordeaux. And then I realised. In every case I was looking at the city from a tram.

So in order not to exclude any favourite tram journeys you might have, and because one day (in the distant future) Edinburgh too will be a city of trams, I'm adding trams to the list of public transport for my Occasional giveaway below.

The picture above shows an underwhelmed Edinburgh public visiting a demonstration tram that was parked in Princes Street last year, just to show us that trams do exist.


  1. Now that is a great modern tram. We have a lot of them in our country. It is easy traffic.

  2. Sounds like our tram to no where too.
    I would love to be in your give away, love the look of that book, how many small people in my family I could tell it to, but I can think of only one slightly odd bit of travelling by bus, going overnight by bus from Adelaide to Mwlbourne for a meeting re Welsh ponies and waking up in a bus with no heating, early 80's I think, looking out of the window and seeing my first snow, not terribly usual here in Oz in a country town we were passing through. My first snow!! All the parked cars were covered.

  3. You've now got me thinking about my tram (or 'streetcar' as we in Canada call them) and bus journeys.

    That is one futuristic looking tram you are all so underwhelmed by.

  4. I could just (only just) remember the death of the trams in the UK and have since enjoyed using trams where they survived and I am glad to see them being re-introduced.
    I went to see Ajax Amsterdam play at their old ground in the eighties. Somehow riding a tram to the game gave a great feeling of the 'golden age'. I went as far as wearing a Kilmarnock bunnet (baggy cloth cap) to the next match.

  5. We are coming down to Edinburgh for the Bank Holiday weekend - but after last time I think we will avoid the town centre as it is such a mess - as we found out last time.


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