Occasional giveaway draw - Maisie Comes to Morningside

No photo to go with this - I've been too busy to get to Morningside, and my life this week has consisted of work-eat-sleep. Or in French, 'metro-boulot-dodo'. But the draw has taken place, and the winner of a copy of 'Maisie Comes to Morningside', by Aileen Paterson, is Alli. Her favourite public transport journey is taking the campus bus late at night and listening to the driver's tales of the crazy students he's encountered during the day. Enjoy your little glimpse of Edinburgh, Alli!

The giveaway copy will be bought in a children's bookshop in Morningside, and I'll travel there by the 23 bus - hopefully in one of the front seats on the top deck. I'll take my camera, of course.

And at some point work will ease off and I'll have time and energy to visit other blogs again.


  1. Very cool. I liked going back to see the Maisie post.
    I'm familiar only with this Maisy...http://www.maisyfunclub.com/. My son loved the "books" with Maisy at Home where the paper cut-out parts come out, can the table can be set, etc...
    BTW - The Huntington Library is really grand, but it's only look, don't touch for the layman.

  2. congrats to the winner..hope you have a nice weekend...

  3. It's hard keeping up with everyone's blogs I know. I'm trying to play catch up today but I'll be going out in a while. Have a great weekend.

  4. Metro-boulot-dodo is not a good way of life ;)


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