Christmas Eve dawn

7.56 am.  No spectacular, fiery sunrise on this day of gales.  Just the slow increase of the light.

7.58 am.  To the south-west, looking towards the village and the quarter from which the gale is coming.  A blurry moon and the reflection of our Christmas tree lights. 

8.13 am.  The track to the river gleams with puddles, and the river itself can now be picked out in the distance.


8.21 am.  Houses in the village now appear, together with the wintry raspberry canes.  Several of the stout posts of the raspberry frames have blown over, snapped off at the base.

9.12 am.  Rafts of clouds are coloured by the rising sun.

9.59 am.   Finally the sun appears over the shoulder of Ben Aigan, blurry through a screen of cloud and rain.

Now in the evening the gales are still blowing, and snow is forecast.  We are waiting for the last member of our family to arrive for Christmas.  Our son is travelling north from Edinburgh by train, and my husband will drive down to Aviemore to collect him.  The car is being stocked with snow shovel, saw (in case of tree branches across the road), survival blankets, food and hot drinks.  Our trip this afternoon to collect the Christmas capon and ham from the butcher in the next village turned into a detour because of a tree across the road. I'm won't feel at ease until husband and son are safely home later tonight.

Sending best wishes for a Merry Christmas, and thinking especially of everyone weathering this storm.


  1. A beautiful glimpse of your morning!!!

  2. soon they will be home and all well be well
    merry Christmas

  3. You live in a beautiful country. Travelers on the road are always a concern. Best holiday wishes for you and your family. Merry Christmas.

  4. Thank you all for your festive comments. I'm glad to report that the travellers arrived home safely.

  5. What beautiful photos of the dawning morning! Thank you for those. And I'm so glad the travellers got home safely. We've had a lovely, lovely Christmas all together, and I hope you have too. You more than deserve to put your feet up for a bit and to have someone bring you a cup of tea (or something stronger).

  6. The veriest of Merriest to you! My heart is in the highlands, even though my Christmas is in New York.

  7. I hope the gale didn't impair your family Christmas. From your report the conditions did seem quite extreme. Enjoy a safe rest!

  8. I hope your Christmas was joyful and the upcoming new year will be full of amazement and smiles!


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