Hogmanay light show

Edinburgh tonight will be lit up, dazzled, exploded over by Hogmanay lights and fireworks.  Up here on Speyside we are missing the three days of New Year spectacle. But we have had our own light show this afternoon, and I wouldn't exchange it for the city variety.

Over to the North East, the reflection of the sunset cast dramatic rays.

The slopes of Ben Aigen, which had been dull and rain-washed all day, suddenly came alive with tawny colour.

Now darkness surrounds the house, but there is candlelight and firelight on this last day of the old year.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year when it comes.  (Being Scottish, I have to add 'when it comes' to any New Year wishes given before the turn of the year, otherwise it's seen as tempting fate.)


  1. Yes, this too is my kind of New Year's light show. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  2. A wonderful post for the last day of 2013. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year, Linda!!

  3. Beautiful!
    Happy New Year to you too!! :-)

  4. Thanks for the wonderful photos once again. Happy New Year from Southern California!

  5. happy new year, Linda !
    it is here !!
    (not when it comes, anymore) :)

  6. That is the best kind of light show. Happy New Year!

  7. A beautiful light show indeed. I've been surprised at how many Scottish people have left off the "when it comes" this year as I was taught one should never tempt fate this way! Is it perhaps not so much a tradition in the Lowlands? Hmm!
    Anyway, now it has come, and I wish you and yours all good things in 2014.

  8. Happy New Year Linda! The city fireworks were impressive here but the open skies are always better in the countryside!

  9. Your photos are gorgeous, Linda. Happy New Year and greetings from Montreal, Canada.

  10. Happy New Year and Happy Spring (when it comes).
    hugs from Tash


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