Sunshine on Leith

Corny, but I couldn't resist it.  After all, this photo is just that - sunshine on Edinburgh's port of Leith.  It's taken from John Lewis department store, looking down Leith Walk on a busy Saturday recently.  And yes, those are a couple of giraffes on the pavement.

The corny bit is the cultural reference to the recent film of the same name.  With this autumn being as it was I didn't see it when it was in the cinema. Until now Leith has been famous/infamous in film as the scene of 'Trainspotting', which is about a group of heroin addicts.  Despite it having been voted best Scottish film of all time, I'm happy to say I've neither read the book nor seen the film, and don't intend to.  But here's a glimpse of sunnier Leith via the trailer:


  1. Hi Linda,

    Beautiful photo. Who needs a film when you can actually witness a view like that? Hope all is well with you.

  2. That's a great capture, Linda!

  3. Great Picture - and it looks like a great movie too! :-)
    Have a nice sunday!

  4. Fab pic!
    Could you tell me more about the giraffes, please???

    1. Sorry for delay in replying to your question! The giraffes are by Scottish sculptor Helen Denerley, who specialises in creations made from scrap metal. You can read about her work on her website:

  5. I tried to watch that movie once - only made it about five minutes in and decided to give it up as a bad job. Much prefer "Withnail & I". Lovely photo! The giraffes just give it that extra punch for those not quite paying attention.

  6. Absolutely breath-taking! What an amazing view you have. understand the movie is very good, so I suppose I will wait for it to hit this side of the pond.


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