A present from the City of Edinburgh to itself, all gift-wrapped for Christmas - new litter bins. The Grassmarket area, tucked under the great bulk of Edinburgh Castle, is a popular area for revellers at all times of the year. It's lined with pubs, restaurants and interesting shops, and has been undergoing a makeover since the summer. I took this photo a few weeks ago, and I imagine that the litter bins will be in full use by now.

The Grassmarket has a fairly lively history. Originally the site of cattle fairs in the 14th century, it later housed the city's gallows. Today it's still lively, but with French open-air markets replacing the cattle, and evening crowds enjoying the live music and real ales rather than any more grisly entertainment.


  1. Interesting!
    I'd like to know what are French open-air markets ?

  2. Nothing wrong with that idea, I just hope that people won't require training lessons in order to use them, lol. We have similar ones here as well, but the street cleaners still need to be on the payroll.

  3. Kiji, our French open-air markets are a little bit of French culture imported to Scotland. They don't replicate the character of real French markets entirely, but they have stalls selling all sorts of French produce - cheeses, cakes, sausages - some clothing stalls, perhaps leatherwork, and take-away food stalls selling crepes and the like.

    Frankie/Nick - sadly you're right. We still have great need of street cleaning teams.

  4. It would be hard to use them with that tightly wrapped plastic but maybe there is someone who will try hard enough.

  5. They are in fact underground recycling centres. Given that the next nearest facilities are half a mile away it is a bit of a relief for enthusiastic wine drinkers without cars...

  6. That's a good idea - and of course that explains why they're on an iron base that looks as if it's the lid to an underground something.


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