Looking North

Edinburgh is built on a series of ridges which gradually descend to sea level at the Firth of Forth. The suburb of Craiglockhart sits high on one of these ridges, and from here you can catch glimpses of the hills beyond the River Forth. These snowy slopes are the Ochil Hills, and beyond them, out of sight but always in my mind when I look northwards, are the true Highlands.

The two curious shapes just between the skyline of the city and the hills are the two Forth bridges. The light coloured chimney-like structure is one of the towers of the Forth Road Bridge. To its left is the rust-red humped back of the Forth Rail Bridge - the never-ending painting of which is a Scottish metaphor for the myth of Sisyphus.


  1. Oh,what a gorgeous shot. I love the forefront, sets off the background beautifully.
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