Morning traffic - Skywatch Friday

Morning plane traffic over Edinburgh. Flights from the west coast of the United States and Canada pass over Scotland on their way to London and points beyond in Europe. On a chilly winter morning like this it's nice to look up and think of California.

City centre chimneys are much less used nowadays. The 'plume' from one of the chimneys is an opportunistic plant rather than smoke.

This week's skies from across the world can be seen at the Skywatch site.


  1. I am such a plane nerd and used to love watching the trails and wonder where the planes would go. Now I live very close to the airport and miss the vapours.
    Happy SWF.

  2. Love the silhouette of those chimneys against that sky and the contrails are very sharp..
    I like your blog..

  3. These airplanes trails always gives a nice effect on a picture.Where do they come from, where do they go?
    The plant inside the chimney is funny, I like watching objects misused.

  4. like the shot ... and the composition. thanks for sharing.

  5. Very beautiful blue sky, nice shot!
    so you know a lot about plane's traffic, very impressive...
    Happy SWF!!

    My blog

  6. It´s so simple but it tells many wonderful stories. Great!

  7. I like watching planes too and wonder where they fly ..

  8. It's fun to see the contrails (is that what you call it?) of jets flying by. I guess it's amazing to me how fast they're going. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photo with us. I just love seeing photos from everywhere else. Have a great weekend.

  9. wow! how did you know their destination?
    great captured by the way!

  10. I suppose it is a bit nerdy to know where planes are going! But to explain myself - I've flown several times from the west coast of the United States to London, and the pilot has always said, 'we're just passing over Edinburgh'. The nerdy confession is that I LOVE the route maps at the back of in-flight magazines, and when everyone else is riveted to the film I'm gazing at these and dreaming of far destinations.

    Thanks to everyone for their comments. I will enjoy discovering your new blogs.


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