Hebridean sunset - Skywatch Friday

There's no sky visible in Edinburgh today, just a featureless grey blanket from which rain is pouring down. So for a bit of warmth, I've chosen a photo taken by our Austrian friends Thomas and Elke from a beach in the Outer Hebrides last summer. The photo was taken at 11 pm - oh for the long light evenings of summer!

Other Skywatch photos are on the Skywatch site.


  1. I don´t know how two people take a photo but it looks really great. Like a big red halo.

  2. Oh MY! What a lovely lovely shot.

  3. Such a beautiful sky.
    Your Scotland sky sounds like my Maryland sky. Gray and rainy.

  4. Oh beautiful - whereabouts in the Hebrides was this? I was on Harris in January this year for my honeymoon and the beaches were amazing. Unsurprisingly though in January the skies weren't like this!

  5. Your friends took a breathtaking photo. Can't hardly wait for the long light of summer. Good choice for SWF.

  6. Hi Linda,
    Tell your friends I like their photo. The colors are beautiful!

  7. hello,

    Very good choices because Northern France and Scotland are under the same "blanket".

    Your photo makes me feel good :)

  8. Breathtaking!
    We've had a week of grey, rainy, sad old foggy weather here too. Hope it clears up in both places for Christmas!

  9. That is simply mindblowing! I cant believe this is real.
    By the way, my dad lived and worked in Edinburough for about 7 years so our family photo albums are filled with photos of Scotland in the '50s and '60s.

  10. That definitely has warmth, looks like the sky's on fire:)

  11. Thanks for the comments, I'll pass them on to my friends. I think that Thomas took the photo, but with these two anything's possible, so they both might have. I'm trying to persuade them to start a photo blog of their corner of Austria - it would be worth visiting.

    Meantime I'm trying to find out from them exactly which gorgeous beach this was.

    Sunita, interesting about your Dad. These photos will be collectors' items. A book has just been published here with photos of Edinburgh from that period, and it's selling very well. So interesting to see what has changed and what hasn't since that time.

  12. Dear Linda and visitors,
    The beach is near Hogabost in the southwest on Harris.
    We were even able to spot a seal which had great fun diving for over 20 minutes and then appearing again on the other side of the beach! Furthermore, we could see crabs, beach runners and geese; yes and those horrible small beasts, midges were there as well...:-((
    Elke and Thomas(photographer)


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