Summer breakfast

Fusion food - Scotch pancakes like my granny never made them. On Sunday morning my daughter decided that she wanted a stack of pancakes, North American style, for breakfast. Here are the results of her labours, with woodland strawberries and blueberries from the garden, and homemade butterscotch sauce (not whisky!) from the Grant's jug.

We realised that two years ago to the day we had also had pancakes for breakfast, this time by the shore of Slocan Lake in British Columbia, on the first day of the Suzuki Valhalla Institute. Miranda blogged about it here, and I hope will have more posts as the week goes on.

Edited to add recipe for butterscotch sauce, courtesy of Katie Stewart's Times Calendar Cookbook:

Measure 100g. granulated sugar into a dry pan and stir over moderate heat until the sugar has melted and turned a golden brown. Draw off the heat and add a scant 2 1/2 dl (1/2 pint) water - take care because the mixture will boil up fiercely when you add the cold liquid. Replace the pan on the heat and add a pinch of salt, 2 teaspoons golden syrup and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence. Stir until the caramel and syrup have dissolved (it will form a lump initially, which will gradually melt into the remaining liquid). Add 1 level tablespoon cornflour (not sure of the North American equivalent - it's not maize flour as such, but a thickening agent) blended with 2 tablespoons cold water and stir until the sauce is boiling and slightly thickened. Add 15g. butter. Leave to cool. Serve warm or cold. The butterscotch taste is more pronounced next day.


  1. It certainly looks a damn sight better than my bowl of Rice Crispies.

  2. Oh, I love pancakes and make them every weekend for breakfast.
    Though I only eat one of them.
    That's quite a stack! :-)

  3. I didn't know that our Northern American pancakes were unique in the world but they are my favorite. We bought blueberries yesterday just for that thing. The photo makes me hungry.

  4. Umm, these look much better than any pancakes I've ever made. :) Though I do use red raspberries when they aren't too expensive. Would you consider sharing the recipe for the butterscotch sauce? That sounds divine!

  5. My all time Sunday morning breakfast, made slowly and deliberately and enjoyed exactly the same way....huhmmmmm! Great photo and post.
    Blessings and smiles

  6. Those look absolutley wonderful!

  7. Hello new friend..and yummo!

  8. ...and with wood strawberries -
    absolutly delicous!


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