Tropical Fringe

The only Edinburgh Festival Fringe event I've been to this year was a concert on Friday at the Columcille Centre given by 'a new generation of talented young clarsach players', as the Fringe programme described it, and very good it was too. The lovely thing about the Fringe is how it spills out of the city centre into cafes, pubs, churches, church halls, schools, universities, community centres and day care facilities. The Columcille Centre is a gem of a building in what Wikipedia describes as 'the famously genteel area' of Morningside.

My daughter was invited to play in the concert, but I have to admit she chose to go on a long planned weekend of kayaking and sailing instead. It was a nice change for me to listen to a concert where I hadn't been the harp carrier - or 'harp schlepper', as we're called in North America.


  1. Sounds like fun!
    Great photo...and palm trees too. Cool.

  2. Love the colors and textures in this photo! Just great!

  3. Harp schlepper doesn´t sound too bad job description but then again I haven´t really seen one close by. Something very english or scottish in that red door.

  4. What is the Fringe Festival? Is it like here where we get a lot of "hip, alternative and short" plays spread out around the town over about a two week period?


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