Exam season - from the beginning...

It's exam season in Scotland. All the way from national exams taken by school students, up to university variety. The same advice helpfully provided by Blackwell's, the university bookseller in Edinburgh, holds good for all of them.

Essential revision material - past papers from previous diets. SQA = Scottish Qualifications Authority: the exam body in Scotland which covers all national qualifications except university degrees and some professional qualifications. This week my daughter sits Intermediate 2 French. It would be much appreciated if French readers of this blog could send French thoughts to Edinburgh.


  1. It is a sight such as this that makes me grateful I'm older. No more exams! All the best of luck to your daughter!

  2. I will refrain from sending any French thoughts :) ... wish her all the best on the exams, sounds like so much pressure. I like the booksellers recommendation.
    Been listening to The Ginger Tree by Oswald Wynd for a book club. I am enjoying it very much. Did you ever read it?

  3. Wow, all are at one time? College here ends about a month before high schools let out. Bet students are just loving this week! Good luck to your daughter!

  4. Exam time isn't fun the world over. My daughter just finished her second year at college, finishing up her exams. I'm also glad I don't have to deal with exams any more.


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