Skywatch Friday - election skies

Lamposts all over Britain are sprouting election placards. Down to the last few days of campaigning now, before the general election on Thursday. It's apparently a two-horse race in our constituency between the sitting Member of Parliament, Mark Lazarowicz, Labour (left-wing), and Kevin Laing, Liberal Democrat (sort of left-of-centre). Certainly their placards are the most prominent in our area. The other two main parties are the Conservatives (right-wing), and the Scottish National Party (independence for Scotland). You can tell politics is not my main interest.

These shots were taken when I was out running with my daughter this morning. I did see a few Conservative placards, but I couldn't take a photo. I have had a rule imposed on me that I can only take a photo when we're in a walking segment of our run/walk programme. So I had to run past the Conservative photo opportunity, with my daughter turning a deaf ear to my pleas.

More skies around the world are at Skywatch Friday.


  1. It's SNP and Labour posters around here - otherwise we might not know there was an election on.

  2. I tend to get a bit confused with British politics. So... the Lib Dems are to the right of Labour?

  3. hope your elections go well...we need new people in our elections...

  4. Hee-hee. Your daughter's rules are brutal!
    Interesting names. I had a theory about US presidential elections - that people will not elect anyone with a non-Anglo-Saxon name - and when I was proved right for years, till the last election. I have altered my opinion of my countrymen.

  5. Would you mind explaining to me the British (vs Scottish/English) government? Is Great Britain the over-arching head or do Scotland, England, and Wales each make their own laws?

  6. I agree with you about is difficult to be interested. Though I know it is important...still...

    Watching BBC news here I've seen a bit about the debates for PM in England, but that's it.

    Here in the USA there is always an uproar about something begins to pall very quickly, for me anyway.

  7. The UK parliament did all the governing until recently. Now Wales has an Assembly and Scotland a Parliament and has devolved powers for some areas, eg housing and health, etc.

    The UK government still has reserved powers for Scotland/Wales, eg defence.

    England doesn't have it's own assembly of any kind.

    Lots of the UK laws now come from Europe too.

    Scotland has always had it's own legal system.

    And I'm not even going to make an attempt at Northern Ireland politics.

  8. I think the sky could be more interessting than politics?! A wonderful sky watching! Greetings from Luzia.

  9. Say, is that Fife in the distance?

  10. Great shots of the election placards. I'm seeing a lot of election coverage on the BBC which we get over here in Canada on the cable. I wish you luck in the elections.


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