Continuing the whisky theme from my Christmas holiday. Under these frosty roofs lie hundreds of casks of whisky. These are some of the warehouses of Glenrothes distilllery. Thick stone walls, earth floors and slate roofs, and 15 years or so of unhurried maturing.

The white is all hoar frost - not a flake of snow in sight. And yes, the air was very definitely perfumed with whisky where I stopped to take this photo.


  1. 15 years....whiskey is right up there with growing trees. It's takes time to get a good product. Great color in this shot.

  2. I love this shot of the roofs...beautiful looking! That should be some good whiskey eventually!

  3. Whisky and frost...sounds like there was a strange mixture in the air!

  4. Well framed photo.
    I can't imagine that under the roof lies such treasure!

    ps: My bottle of Talisker is empty :(

  5. Greetings,

    I am curious how many locals visit distilleries and/or drink the wares? I love my Islay scotches but that habit is not terribly common here.

    It is great seeing all the photos from your neck of the woods. That is the great thing about the blogosphere.


  6. Thanks for the comments. Poor Kiji with his empty bottle of Talisker.

    Sylvia, not too many locals visit distilleries, because many work in them (far fewer now that they are more automated), and they're just THERE. This is one of 5 distilleries in a village with a population of just over 1,000, so there's one round every corner and they're just part of the landscape. However, most people drink whisky, although again that is changing slightly. I was into my teens before I realised that other types of alcohol were drunk in the UK.


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