The snow we haven't had

Everywhere else I look, there's snow. Miranda, at Here and There Slocan in British Columbia, Canada, has more than she knows what to do with. Kiji in the north of France has snow and freezing temperatures and wintry scenes that the Impressionists would have been delighted to paint. Fabrizio, in Turin, has stylish Italian snow. It's snowed at last in Moscow - I read in the papers about concerns that this winter in Russia wasn't getting started. Liege in Belgium has snow, Avignon in the south of France has snow. Even ENGLAND has snow, as far south as Norwich.

But here - nothing. These snowflakes in a florist's window may be as close as we get to the real thing this winter.


  1. Hi,

    I send you freezing (polar?) temperatures and snow by Chronopost tomorrow ;)

  2. Oh my! That is indeed strange. Yesterday, Norwich posted a record - temperature stayed at -3! Can you believe that? But don't you worry, there are two more months in which to expect snow :D

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments. Have a great week!

    A Pinay In England
    Your Love Coach
    I, Woman

  3. LOL you are priceless! It's a very beautiful replication! Our own situation is monumental, unheard of in living memory. However, looking at the world as a whole, we are in good shape. Been having untold comp. problems. Once a lemon always a lemon, but I hate to sink what has become a golden anchor. Nice to connect with you again.

  4. No flakes here too , we have to drive about one hour to find snow a little higher !! Despite the snow i'm sure you have cold wind ...that how i remenber Scotland ;)

  5. It was in southern Finland but it melted away yesterday and now it´s 4C. It still is there in northern Finland. Don´t worry, the slush is not so funny after all.

  6. No snow here by me in Maryland either and that's fine by me. :-)

  7. Really lovely photo. We had a little over 18" of snow this weekend. And just 50 miles south of us only had 1/2". So fear not...there is hope for snow yet for you.

  8. That picture is beautiful!!
    No snow where I am either. We only got a light dusting of the stuff last night. That's fine with me though. Not so crazy about the white stuff!


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