The news today reports that a key government adviser has warned that recycling initiatives could add to global warming rather than reduce it. Better to play safe and put your faith (and money) in antiques. As this shop in the New Town points out, it's 'part of the largest recycling trade in the world'.

Babzy has tagged me to reveal 6 details about myself. As a shy Scot, this feels strange, but here goes!

1. My ideal comfort food is green lentils and olive oil. (yes, I know it's weird. My family tells me that.)
2. I am very slowly learning to play the classical guitar.
3. I wrote a doctoral thesis on the second longest book in a Latin or Cyrillic language (A la recherche du temps perdu) and added in the complete works of Flaubert for good measure.
4. Every time I step on skis I injure myself, so I've given up.
5. The city I would most like to revisit is Turin.
6. The place I would most like to visit in the world is Svalbard. Followed by Tierra del Fuego. Followed by the Queen Charlotte Islands. Oops, that's three.


  1. Hi Linda
    Thanks for dropping in on

    Scotland is I think a good subject, lots of expat Scots out there, my mate comes from Fife.
    I figured the same and was going to do yorkshire, then I had several emails from citydailyphoto which mostly said no. So I compromised and called it Leeds

  2. What a clever sign....and how true. I like older stuff cause I wonder who's possession it was in and what they did with they lost it, or sold it, or gave it to family. Or who inherited it and why they choose not to keep it. You know....crazy rambling brain stuff.

    On a side note...please tell more about the vegetarian haggis?

    Lovely photos this week.

  3. Interesting facts about you! I love the idea of antiques as recycling :-)

  4. Bonjour Linda,
    I write in English because it's international language for others to understand. But I'm sure, reading your answers, you could undertsand me in French.

    What do you think of going in Torino, eating lentils with olive oil ? Just kidding, because I would love to go there too, but I would be tempted to eat something else.
    Have a nice day, Linda.

  5. Bonjour Catherine. You're right, sadly English is the international language. I just enjoy dusting off my French occasionally, tho it doesn't keep up with the world of blogs. They hadn't been invented when I learned French, and back then the internet was just something owned by the US military. Hope the day of strikes doesn't leave too many problems for tomorrow.

  6. I tried for years to play guitar but it never happened. It lacked visuals, I presume.

  7. All of a sudden my doctoral thesis doesn't sound so difficult! I really struggle with Proust!

  8. I have never thought of it as recycling, but it's a nice way of looking at it. And it's a wonderful shop window.


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