Fire hydrant

We may have a colourful/romantic/bloody history. We may have whisky and a national dish made from a stuffed sheep's stomach. But we completely fail to have interesting fire hydrants. Greg at Liege Daily Photo has just posted a nice contrast in 'fire and ice', featuring a Belgian fire hydrant. Sue at A Corner Garden has posted about the changing colours of her very own fire hydrant, which occupies one of her flower beds. But this is the best we can do. A little yellow plate on a wall to locate the hydrant, which lies under the iron plate in the pavement. It says a lot about the Scottish climate: we don't expect to have snow for any length of time that would hide the yellow plate. We don't even expect our fire crews to have to do much digging or chipping away at ice to be able to attach the hoses to the hydrant itself.

Small wonder then that when we were in British Columbia a few summers ago we came back with holiday photos not just of soaring peaks and the mighty Columbia river and glacier-fed lakes, but fire hydrants. We have shots of hydrants from Miranda's territory at Here and There Slocan. We have some particularly fine shots of hydrants near Kelowna. You can perhaps understand why we got so excited.

Edited to post links to other fire hydrants around the world:

Here and There Slocan, British Columbia, Canada

Inukshuk Adventure, Toronto, Canada


  1. Interesting :)
    I'll try to capture fire hydrant in my city. The fire hydrant's hunt has begun ...

  2. I think our fire hydrants are quite unremarkable as I can´t remember any. That one is easily lost in winter.

  3. yes ,good idea , i will try to catch one ;)

  4. I remember fire hydrants being red with a silver top when I was a kid. Most I see now are yellow.
    I've never tried the stuffed sheep's stomach before (is that called haggis?) but I did eat black pudding and liked it! before I knew what it was! :-)

  5. Hi Linda,
    I keep getting behind in my blogging. I'm glad I remembered to come see your hydrant, even though I was a bit mystified until I read your post. I thought, "I don't see a fire hydrant!"

    If anyone reading this has posted their hydrants, please let Linda know, so we can go see them. Thanks, Sue

  6. I am so happy you enjoyed the fire hydrant and thrilled that you wish to link - yes, yes do!

    I'll be sure to keep your Fire Hydrant fettish in mind when I see some fun or interesting fire hydrant.

  7. Hi Linda,
    I got the posts looked at. What fun!

  8. Hello,

    Here is a Scottish fire hydrant:


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