Tiso Outdoor Experience

In the entrance to the Tiso 'Outdoor Experience' shop in Leith is this magnificent working compass. The shop was very busy when we were there, and I couldn't get a photo without someone's foot or leg in the way. Unlike the centre of town, where tourists and locals alike keep out of the shot about to be taken with almost painful politeness, these lovers of the outdoors were intent on their shopping. I don't blame them, as the sale was still on. In the end I gave up trying to get a clean shot, but I rather like the foot in the corner and the movement of the coat. They show the size of the compass, and give a flavour of the bustle in the shop. Recession or not, Edinburghers were kitting out for the great outdoors.

We were there to look for a new rucksack for my daughter, who will do the expedition for her Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze Award in March. A two day hike in the hills and an overnight camp in tents. In March. In Scotland...If I'm lucky she'll take some good photos along the way - she was the photographer for yesterday's post.

The entrance doors leave you in no doubt that you're about to boldly go. Thankfully the serrated edges of the ice axes are covered in plastic.


  1. I'd forgotten about Tiso until I saw your photo here. That's where I bought my daughter her very first, tiny, little rucksack (backback in USA lingo).

    Thanks once again for sharing Scotland online, and more like very regularly than occasionally!

  2. I don´t mind the slight busy blur either. Those door knobs are so funny!

  3. Hi,

    Your photo is beautiful. I love the the movement of the coat :)

  4. Hi again Linda, very interesting I didn't know that was there, I must take a look the next time we are down Leith.

    Ah... the Duke of Edin 'shop' I remember it well although we did ours in Perth. I have one daughter that did straight silver (now at Uni) and the other who decided not to go for it. She would have done silver this year so must be around the same age as yours.

    I really wish your daughter a dry trip but would recommend you make sure she has a waterproof camera. My daughter was up the Cairngorms and got more than a little wet and despite her best efforts to keep her camera dry her film was ruined so no pics at all. Fortunately one of the team had a few - you'll know how it works.

    Best wishes :-D

  5. Wow love the idea of the compass, what a wonderful idea not only as a point of interest but a necessary tool especially for tourists who usually easily get turned around. An interesting touch on the doors as well.

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    Shirl, our 'DofE' shop is going to be quite expensive, as DD doesn't fit all the kit that her older brother had. We are expecting rain in March, so the camera issue is being thought about carefully. What a pity about your daughter's photos of the Cairngorms. I think your younger daughter must be a year older than mine. My son did Bronze and then felt he had quite enough to do already without adding in the DoE requirements, but DD is keen to do it all the way.


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