Ben Rinnes (3)

A chequer-board effect on a hillside, seen from the slopes of Ben Rinnes. I'm assuming that this is related to forestry operations, since it would be difficult to burn heather (see previous post) so neatly. Speyside is quite heavily forested with commercial plantations, although some of the ancient Caledonian forest does remain. However, the dark green evergreens and the russet larches in this shot are definitely of the cut-and-plant-again type. Much ecological debate rages about these 'unnatural' plantations.

Photo credit for this shot and for most of this Ben Rinnes mini-series is due to my daughter.


  1. Nice chequerboard , beautiful effect for a shot may be not for nature ! My daughter is in Edimbourgh for the week , i hope she has great time in your beautiful city ;)

  2. It´s so odd to see such a geometrical forest in the untouched landscape. Sci-fi.

  3. It is a carpet of colours and textures.

  4. Thanks for the comments, and sorry not to have been visiting much. Babzy, I think your daughter must have had every possible sort of weather this week.


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