Tractor in the city

This is ghastly photo quality. I don't quite know what's going on at the bottom right of the image. As usual just now I was in a tearing hurry as I passed through Princes Street Gardens at lunchtime. But the sight of a tractor ploughing as if it was in a country field made me grab my camera.

The area it's ploughing is where the Winter Wonderland was in December and January. Ice rink, fun fair, the works - see the bottom photo in this post, taken from the other direction. When it all gets taken away the grass beneath is in a sorry state. Usually it's re-seeded and it pulls away and by May it's as good as new. This year however it's being given some pampering.


  1. Well spotted - that's the kind of random thing I snap too :)

  2. The dirt looks so black and healthy. It looks nice against the green. Pretty flowers too.

  3. Looks like the printer run out of ink, but that´s hardly the case!.-)
    Lot of very enjoyable contrasts in this photo. That hilly landscape is so fun to me.

  4. Such a beautiful place and the flowers!!!! Nice to see such love and care going back into the earth.
    Thank you for sharing, the photo is great.

  5. Nice shot , and flowers :)

  6. Neat shot. And my my my that dirt is wonderful!


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