A great big lawn

After the ploughing, the laying of the turf. The makeover continues of the area of Princes Street Gardens that was mangled by the Winter Wonderland. This squad of gardeners was going about its work last week, with much witty comment and encouragement from those lunching on the park benches above.

I took several shots as the sunlight came and went, since I was just pointing and shooting in my simple way, and it was only on looking through them just now that I realised I'd missed the best shot of all - the shadow of the weeping willow which I've cut off here in its prime. I'll have to learn to look more carefully for the unexpected.

Still frustrating internet problems here.


  1. it is always nice to have a audience when you are working, great photos

  2. Nice shots and you are right that shadow would make a great photo all by itself. What a wonderful place to sit and have lunch and free entertainment to boot! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you for this. It's always the same: four people at work and many lazy onlookers ;)

  4. WOW they have their work cut out for them.
    I'm sure that shadow would have been a great photo, even a part of it looks interesting.

  5. I'm so glad you came over to visit me and my blog. I'm looking forward to your Scenic Sunday post. I understand how busy things can get so you can join any day of the week.

  6. It's still a cool shot, looking down from on high - I like it.

    I'm having internet problems too. One of my email providers seems to have deleted all my emails (argh!), and the power pack on my laptop has died so while I'm waiting for another one I'm having to sneak onto t'internet at work or on my husband's giant PC.

  7. I've been walking past this on my way to work all week, enjoying the sound of the sprinklers as they went round and round. It's not often you get to hear a sprinkler in Scotland. Happy to have found your blog.


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